Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Linen stitch man scarf

Thank you for the kind comments on the linen stitch man scarf.  I've really enjoyed working on this and using up leftovers of sock yarn from other projects.

Linen stitch man scarf

The pattern is Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf.  It is super easy, and yet interesting because you see the fabric develop as you add in each new colourful strand of yarn. 

Linen stitch man scarf rolled up

I used a US 6 needle and lots of leftover sock yarn from socks I'd made for Joe and also squares from my barn raising blanket.  I could also see that this would be fun in a chunkier weight yarn and larger needles.

Linen stitch man scarf tassels

Savannahchik asked how many different yarns I used.  Hmm let's see:
Yes, for sure a great way to use up leftover scraps of yarn from other projects.  I picked out leftovers that looked like they would work together, popped them in my project bag, and for the most part selected the colours at random.

Linen stitch man scarf - good length

The only thing I was concerned about was whether it would be long enough, since you knit it lengthwise and can't really tell when it is on the circular needle all scrunched up.  I cast on 600 stitches and hoped for the best.  When it came to casting off, I was relieved to see that it was plenty long.  The pattern does advise that you do a swatch and calculate the math to make it the length you'd like.  Erm, yes, lets just say I skipped that important step ;o)

I "need" to make one for myself now in pretty girly colours.  I certainly have the leftovers for it. 
Hope you are having a good week,
Sam xxx


Karen said...

Wow, I love that! And hurray for qiviut!

Judy said...

Looks great. The others I have seen are all Koigu. This is more interesting. Did you ever change mid row or just at the edges?

Bea said...

Looks awesome!

savannahchik said...

i love it! thanks for listing all the colors you used. it's helpful to know, and interesting that the scarf reads blue/gray from afar. i didn't even notice the orange! but i'll be it gives some more ooomph to the FO.

and US 6 huh. i wouldn't have thought to go that big but i guess the linen stitch really needs the breathing room because the scarf doesn't look loosely knit at all.

StarSpry said...

I love it!