Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monster Bags

Naomi turned 4 this last week.  4! 
I'm still wondering how that happened so quickly?

Anyway, her birthday provided me the perfect excuse to work on party gifts - monster bags:

Monster bags
Monster bags
Monster bags
Monster bags
Monster bags

These were so much fun to work on.  Perhaps my most enjoyable project to date.

Inspiration came from the following places:

I essentially followed the directions for the simple reversible tote, making the following small changes:
  • I added a monster applique to the exterior fabric before assembling the tote
  • I added interfacing to the exterior fabric to add some stability
  • I purchased some soft canvas style ribbon instead of making handles

I started by selecting fabrics that looked 'monstery' :)))
My favourites are probably the batiks. But in truth I love them all. 
These patterned fabrics were used for the monster, but also a matching interior for each tote. 
The exterior fabric was a Kona beige that I had in my stash (that's right - this one was a good stashbuster!). 

I wanted each monster to be different and enjoyed coming up with each design.  Naomi and Joe both got involved on the design process too:  What about fuzzy monsters?  What about monsters with eyes on antennas?  How about some with 1 eye and others with 2 or 3? 

I'd also have Naomi help with layout before sewing the applique pieces in place:  Where should the eyes go?  Should we have horns?  Where should they go? 

And of course Naomi would add the crayons once all the other assembing had been done.
I think it made this extra special knowing that they were truly a team effort!
As each one was complete I'd hang them around my craft room.  I sure do miss those cheery faces greeting me each morning.  But am thrilled that they've gone to happy homes!

Naomi's favourite is the monster in the bottom right - purple with 3 eyes on stalks.
Do you have a fave?

Hope your week is going well?

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Happy February!

So, how did you all do with your first month of resolutions?

I was so so: 
Some areas where I can give myself a pat on the back (health related)
Others where I wag a stern finger at myself (crafty output to exceed intake).

Here's the rundown on the output must exceed intake... or my failure to do this in January :)))

Berties Blanket
  • But, there have been a couple of purchases: 
  • Before the holidays I signed up for a monthly sock yarn club from Skein.  In January I received my second installment (and a groovy tote project bag).  I am eager to knit with this, and try out this new-to-me brand of yarn.  In the back of my mind I am thinking I should probably stop with the monthly installments... I'll have a hard time trying to outpace an influx of 400 yards each month. Especially with the deficit I am in right now!
Skein yarns

  • Then there is a skein of cakewalk yarns that I was able to get my hands on.  I was really keen to try this out after seeing these lovely purple socks.  The cakewalk yarns are tough to get your hands on since the lady that started the company no longer dyes... so it's Ravelry destashes, or eBay finds, or the like...
Cakewalk yarns

  • And speaking of eBay (I love a good bargain):  I 'won' some of this lovely mohair yarn.

Louet Mohair

No, I don't need it.  This is the one where I really wag a stern finger at myself and shake my head disapprovingly.

Must. Do. Better.
  • I made the lovely Infinity scarf (which Naomi now tells me is hers any time I try to wear it)
  • And a couple of squares for swaps with gals at the Denver Quilt Guild:  Here are the squares for Jen's Garden Fence quilt using Birch Fabrics
Swap squares for Jen

Converging corners

  • I must have messed up on Elizabeth's square because I needed extra fabric... and ended picking up much more than was actually needed:
Art Gallery

  • And then there was this Christmas fabric that I had to have (I fell in love then I saw the store had made a pillow cade out of it, and it was soooo cute)
Aneela Hooey Christmas Washing Line
  • The girls at quilt guild have been making stained glass squares for a quilt for Naomi.  That is really close to completion now:

Stained Glass squares

And so I picked up some backing and binding fabric.

Stained Glass Backing
  • Then January is the month of sales, and I can't resist a good deal and so, ahem, here is the last of my fabric confession.   Yikes.
Heather Ross + Sewing Box

Cross Stitch (yes, there's more)
  • The good news is that I finished the 12 days of Christmas (counting this as 12 out)
  • But I have 2 stitchalongs that I have subscribed to this year:  Once Upon a Time Sampler (waiting for the cashel crystal to arrive at the local stitching store so that I can start) and Frosty Forest (received the first couple of patterns).  Here's the start of square 1 for the frosty forest - Mr Raccoon by his picket fence!
Frost Forest - Raccoon WIP
  • And I stumbled across these 12 sheep virtues (counting this as 12 in, even though I will stitch them all together on one piece of linen). Seriously, what knitter wouldn't want these stitched and hung in a craft room :)
Erm, so clearly lots of opportunity to improve in February :)

Happy Superbowl Day!  It's going to be a crafting, TV viewing day for me :)

Big hugs,