Saturday, July 28, 2012

Man socks, toddler socks

Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony?  I was glued to the tv and really enjoyed the event.  Made me long for home :)

But onto knitting:  I finished Joe's socks.  They were a nice simple knit, and I really enjoyed working with this yarn - Claudia hand painted in colourway John B.  Check out that model foot pose!  :o)))  Oooh my husband is a good man for humoring me! 

A matching pair

No particular pattern... just my standard approach.  This time with 75 stitches to account for the slightly smaller needles - US 2. 

Since these knit up really quickly and I get a kick out of completing projects, I decided I'd make a pair for Naomi.  These are a little different because they use a short row heel.  I had leftovers of koigu sock yarn and thought it was would be fun to make her a mismatched pair of socks.  US 2 needles.  Cast on 45 stitches.

Mismatch girly socks

Look how happy the little Miss is with them.  Can see more mini socks on the horizon. :)

Whooo new socks

I am excited!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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StarSpry said...

Both pairs of socks are great! Love that first picture of Naomi admiring hers :)