Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pretty in Pink Baby Cardigan

I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this project! It started with the yarn...  this pigeonroof studios gradient yarn is soo beautiful.  I had an idea in my mind of what I was aiming for, and used my 'go to' pattern for baby girl sweaters - Elizabeth Zimmerman February Baby Sweater - as the basis for the project.  It turned out exactly as I had envisioned... don't you love it when that happens!

Pretty in pink

Here are the modifications that I made to EZ's pattern:

  • EZ calls out a number of stitches to cast on.  Instead of casting on this amount, cast on the number that it recommends that you should have after the first round of increases.  
  • Follow the pattern for the garter stitch neck band and spacing of buttons
  • Instead of using the lace pattern that EZ recommends, knit a simple stocking stitch, retaining the garter stitch edging and button spacing.  (I love the lace pattern, but really wanted the color gradient to stand out with a simpler stitch pattern)
  • When starting a new color mini skein, work the first row as *Knit 1, Slip 1* repeated across the stocking stitch portion of the pattern - this results in a subtle zigzag between the 2 colors (vs a hard line shift from one color to the next)
  • For the sleeves, work 4 ridges of garter stitch and cast off.

Pretty in pink

It's very simple, but I think quite effective as a result of the beautiful yarn.

Pretty in pink

The final touch was to add buttons.  These are a simple transparent, pale pink, gem-like bead from Joanns Fabrics.  Aside from being a gorgeous button, I liked that the transparency picked up on the color of the yarn that it was placed on.

Pretty in pink

All in all, it was a really enjoyable knit, and I am excited to gift it next month.  Ooh and who doesnt love buying dresses for little girls?  I found this super cute ballet pump design dress which picks up on some of the pinks in the cardigan.

I hope you are having a great weekend.  It finally turned into summer here, so I've been enjoying time outdoors.  Take care,


Sunday, May 15, 2016


Do you have a favourite knit project? You know, something you have made, fell in love with, and wear all the time?

For me, one of my favourite, and most-worn projects, is my Clapotis.  This scarf has been worn a lot. It is my 'go to' scarf for plane travel (I naturally seem to run cold and therefore love this big scarf to snuggle in), but works well with my winter jacket, and as a shawl when the air conditioning is blasting in the office.

As well as the scarf is holding up, I felt that having a backup would be in order.  Enter Clapo-Ktus:


Clapo-Ktus is free pattern (yay!) and is a cross between the popular Clapotis and Baktus designs. It is a straightforward knit, suitable for an advanced beginner. And for anyone who is a lover of sock yarn, this is a great way to use one of your beloved colorways. The yarn I selected is a Skein Top Drawer sock in colourway Envy. This yarn is deliciously soft, so perfect for the project. And the colorway is divine! I was really pleased with how the fabric worked up and that there was no pooling.



The pattern mentions that you can use a single skein of sock yarn to make the shawl, which is a fun way to use those single skeins.  I wanted something that was going to be a little bigger for that snuggle factor, and elected to use 2 skeins. The end result is that I have a decent size shawl to wrap up in.


I look forward to testing this one out on an upcoming trip.

And what post would be complete without a little yarn love? These beauties made their way into my stash this week:

A handspun sock yarn from Bockstark knits on Etsy.  There is something so very special about handspun yarn, and this skein is absolutely gorgeous.  And anyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy thoughtful details...  just look at this cute stitch marker that shipped with the yarn!  Yep, I see repeat purchases in my future.

Bockstark handspun

stitch marker

I also picked up 2 skeins of sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Every now and again the Blue Moon team offer mystery grab bags for sale, and these were my mystery skeins - aren't they gorgeous! I love how they work together, but also on their own. I see some fall knitting with these colours!

Socks that rock

Socks that rock

Thats all from me. If the rain holds off I am hoping to spend time in the garden today.
Wishing you a lovely day ahead,
Sam xxx

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Pretty in Pink

A few weeks back I picked up this gorgeous gradient sock yarn from Pigeon Roof Studios.

Gradient yarn

The colors are precious, and perfect for a princess. I had an idea that this would make a gorgeous baby sweater and toyed between the Tea Leaves cardigan design and my go-to sweater: Elizabeth Zimmerman's February baby sweater.

Pretty in pink

The go-to pattern won, albeit a modified version of the original, using stocking stitch instead of the lace pattern. I chose to keep it simple so that the gradient yarn would be the star of the show.

Pretty in pink

This was a perfect project for this last week's plane journey to see my step daughter graduate from the University of Central Florida with a Biology degree magna cum laude. We are incredibly proud of her, and excited for what comes next as she embarks on a summer of research projects before heading onto post-grad study.

Plane knitting

Pretty in pink hangs out at the pool

Congratulations to all the recent grads!  Happy Mother's Day!
Wishing you a great week ahead,

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Habu Scarf

Its another snowy day in Colorado. That's right, May 1st and we still have snow. It looks pretty out, and when the sun starts to poke through the clouds it will be gorgeous. But I'm really ready for some warmer weather. In the meantime, I'll take advantage of another cosy Sunday indoors.

I have another finish to share - the Habu scarf:

Habu scarf

The yarn is Habu N-80 which consists of 4 strands of merino that are wrapped in a very fine black silk thread. I had selected 3 colors that looked good together and worked them as color blocks (although I think it would have pretty to have alternated the strands of color too). The pattern that I started with was the fringe scarf from Cocoknits... but the fringe was kind of a pain to knit, and so I used the basic instructions for the shape of the scarf and simply omitted the fringe portion of the instructions. It was a good decision - there is enough interest in the yarn itself, and the simpler style feels more elegant.

Habu scarf

As soon as I saw this yarn I knew who I was going to knit this for. And I had fully intended that this would be tucked away in the Christmas gift box for her -- I collect gifts for people throughout the year and store them away in a big ole box until Christmas or birthdays come up. But I am the worst when it comes to patiently waiting to give a gift... so my dear friend received a 'Just Because' gift this weekend! It was a winner :)

Habu N-80

Stay safe and warm today.
In addition to some cosy indoor time, I anticipate there may be some of this!



Sam xxx

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birth Announcement

Have you seen how cute the penpals patterns are from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery? These are beginner friendly, and a big part of that appeal is they are small enough that you can finish fairly quickly.
Birth Announcement
I had been working on Penpals 202, which I believe was originally a Valentine's release.  I bought this as a kit, with the polka dot linen and delightful cosmo threads, from The Cottage Needle on Etsy (I highly recommend them for your stitch goodies).  While I was working on this, I received the good news that a dearly loved couple were expecting a baby girl.  As the months went by I saw that they were decorating the nursery with pink and hearts.  That triggered an idea - this cross stitch pattern would make a cute birth announcement.
Birth announcement
Once I worked the penpals design, I needed to add the personalization.  A quick Google search later I came across Stitchpoint - a site that lets you pick a font and type in the letters and characters that you want to stitch.  I opted for the Monaco font - I wanted the lettering to be delicate and not overpower the penpals design.  For the name I used the darkest of pinks from the design.  For the birth details I used the medium pink.  My thought here is that the name would stand out a little bit from the rest of the details.
Birth announcement
Birth announcement
For the finishing I found a frame at TJ Maxx that would work with the furniture in the nursery, and also complement the cross stitch design.  I cut some card and batting that would fit the frame (I like how the batting adds some 'poof' to the finished design, centered the design over the top and then laced up the back.  (There are a number of online tutorials showing how to do lacing...  this was my first time finishing/framing a project myself, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out).
Birth announcement
Have you tried something new this week?

Wishing you a great week ahead.
Sam xxx

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Delicate baby booties and hat

I started the baby booties and hat again using the new yarn. It was a good decision!

Pretty baby booties and cap
The previous colours were nice... they just didn't feel really special. These new yarns however - Wow! First the colours - I feel that they are classic and delicate. Perfect baby colours. The cream yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Royal, and to use their description: A very rare quality of luxury alpaca fiber. You just want to snuggle with this. (Or as friend of mine would say, you want to have a complete body suit made out of this!) The peach yarn is Louise Harding Orielle in color Blossom. This one is 97% baby alpaca (more snuggly softness) with a silver princess sparkle that runs through it (and the sparkle does not detract from the softness). If there is any downside it would be that the stitch definition is not as crisp in the alpaca yarns compared to the cotton. But you could argue that this just adds to the charm of the alpaca. Always a silver lining :)

Pretty baby booties
The pattern is Knitting Baby Set by Elena Mitchell (Solnishko43 on Etsy). The pattern is extremely detailed with a couple of size options: Excellent written instructions and accompanying photographs for each step. As I was knitting I felt that this must be a very talented knitter that created this design - there are some steps in the design, such as how each row starts and stops that give a very professional finish. If you have some baby knitting in your future I recommend checking out her patterns on Etsy. The finishing touch was to add the pearl beads as a final decorative element. These are fit for a princess!

Pretty baby hat
Now, if only this snow would let up I could go and get them in the mail :) 
I am taking full advantage of the snow day - crafting, blogging and quality family time. It is a good day! How would you/do you spend your snow days?

Stay safe Coloradoans, and wishing everyone a great weekend,
Sam xxx

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Road trip

Over spring break we took a road trip to visit family in Arizona.  The timing was perfect because we were able to catch a spring training game with the Rockies.  That's a win:win for my husband and I...  He gets to watch the game while I get to enjoy some great weather and solid knitting time :)
Spring training
It was really good to get away for a few days, see family and enjoy some delightful weather (thankful to have missed the blizzard back in Colorado). I mainly worked on the Clapo-ktus scarf on the road trip and have been making good progress - almost at the half way mark!  I have since flitted between the other projects on the needles:
 The Habu Gauzy scarf (now on the 3rd colour):
Gauzy scarf
Some baby booties:
Rev 1 colours
Rev 1 colours
Although I am not loving the dusky pink and have since been reworking them in this glittery peach and cream combination.
New Colours
In addition to the knitting I was able to pick up some fabulous Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, which is soo bright and happy! I'm eager to get one of these skeins on the needles! But first, I need to finish those baby booties.
Blue Moon Splurge
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend,
Sam xxxx