Friday, May 04, 2007

Austermann Step Man Socks

Step socks 3

I completed some socks for Joe in the Austermann Step yarn. And since I started them after April 1st they count towards the 5280 sock challenge!

Step socks 2

Size: Men's Large
Needle size used: 2
Yarn: Austermann Step
Method: Cuff down on dpns
Who the socks are for: Joe
Date finished: May 1st

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Terri Lynn said...

I love all the yarns and patterns, etc. and checked out Sundara's Yarns. Great stuff happening over there. I have looked at the Austerman Step before, being the great lover of anything green. Nice to see a pair made up. Your work is gorgeous. Congrats on getting a sock done for the 5280 Challenge!