Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sam vs The Stash

I mentioned in a recent post that I have a ridiculous amount of yarn stashed away, and that I'm attemping to whittle it down. Thing is that for the most part the stash is comprised of lovely yarn with sufficient yardage to make sweaters, socks, and fancy schmancy scarves, and this I can live with -- it looks pretty, and it has a purpose.

And then there's the basket of worsted weight odds and ends.

It just goes against my sense of order to have this sat around without knowing what I'd be able to use it for. Especially now that I'd got through the annual batch of felted slippers. And then it dawned on me -- with the weather starting to turn cooler I should put it to good use by making a big warm blanket for the B&B Team. (Mostly for my big baby boy Buster who is a softy and, now that it is getting chillier, likes to be tucked under a blanket to go to sleep).

So I dug out my biggest crochet hook, stuck my hand into the basket pulling out odds and ends at random and started my seemingly never-ending spiral of single crochet. And I just kept going and going until there was no more scrappy bits of yarn left in that basket. I then stuck the whole thing in the wash to felt it slightly in the hope that it would make it a little more resilient as my dear sweet (and mischevious) Bella seems to think her blankets and bedding should double up as chew toys!

So it's a win win: I got to use up the scrappy worsted weight yarn, and the B&B team get a snuggly new blanket.

I think they like it, don't you? Although Bella obviously thinks it's even better when accessorized with her old dog bed and my old dressing gown!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Change of pace

Last weekend I decided to put the knitting down and go stamping with a girlfriend. It made for a nice change, and I have some cute Halloween cards and gift tags to show for it. Some fun goody bags will be winging their way to the UK this week.

We don't really celebrate Halloween in the UK, but it's a big deal over here. I kind of like it -- I enjoy seeing the various costumes on the kids in our neighbourhood and like to guess what they are when they arrive at my doorstep trick or treating. Last year was one of my favourites-- the girl was dressed in a big yellow square of foam. I though ha ha this is easy, you are Sponge Bob Square Pants. Alas no she informed me, she was a big piece of cheese! It was only a moment later that her friends, the cat and the mouse, appeared to round out the theme for me. (If you are not fron the US, you may be like me in thinking that Halloween is for dressing up in scary costumes... but it turns out any costume will do. )

The other reason I enjoy Halloween is that, for me, it marks the kick-off of the holiday season - Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. And I love the holiday season.

So, speaking of Christmas, thanks for the advice on the projects -- I picked up the Christmas crafting again and worked some more on the red ribbon lace scarf. This is going to be really pretty when done, and I'm excited to gift to the intended recipient. It's a simple pattern repeat and is proving to be a perfect project as I'm getting caught up on the new seasons of Greys Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters etc...

I also worked on another Christmas gift (although I'm wondering if this will really be done by then). It's another version of Dulle Griet's Bobby's Blanket. This time in Araucania cotton. I had a few leftovers of this yarn, and purchased some more to complement. I think it's going to be a fun blanket. And I love working on these addictive hexagons. This version especially because each side is only 10 stitches so it goes super fast! Jeanie asked (sorry Jeanie I had no way to contact you - I hope you see this) whether it is a difficult pattern. It's not. Anyone who can work socks on dpns can whip out one of these with ease. So get dipping into your leftover sock yarn ;o)

I received a couple of hints from Joe to work on his big sweater, so that's progressing nicely with the big chunky yarn and fat needles. And the weather this weekend has been perfect for huddling indoors -- cool, misty, damp... Perfect for sitting by the fire with a big cup of tea and basket full of projects.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lacking focus

I don't know what's going on right now, but I'm having a hard time committing to any individual project.

There are however 2 things I have enjoyed working on:

  • The scrappy sock blanket -- I think because each hexagon takes about 30-60 mins so I feel like something is completed, and I get to vary the yarns to keep it interesting.

  • A couple of roses for Bea -- she's going to have knitted bouquets and buttonholes at her wedding. Isn't that just a wonderful idea. And these little roses can be whipped out in no time at all.

  • The things that are in active rotation are:

  • Phyllo Yoke in Rowan Calmer -- this will be nice for the autumn and so I'm thinking that would be a good one to try and finish.

  • Geno in 4 ply soft -- another that would be perfect for autumn, and pretty close to being finished with only half of one front side and the finishing to complete.

  • Hourglass in plain and fancy -- a good mindless knit.

  • And if that wasn't enough, I cast on for a sweater for Joe and a Christmas gift for a secret recipient. And still I can't help thinking of other Christmas projects that I could be starting.

    So, if you were in my shoes would you focus in one one - if yes, which one and why? Or would you keep picking and choosing as your mood dictated?