Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oversized Pendulum Shawl

So here it is, the finished pendulum shawl:



  • Pattern:  Pendulum from Amy Miller
  • Yarn:  Anzula Nebula in Charcoal and Black Cherry (love the sparkle throughout these yarns)
  • Modifications:  The pattern recommends 5 stripes of each colour... I ended up knitting an extra stripe of the contrast colour which took the shawl width from 70" (width that the pattern was written for) to 84".  I like the extra width, and think it will be nice and snuggly on chilly winter days.
  • Tip:  The pattern is written to use M1R and M1L increases.  If I were to do-over I would use a yarn over increase.  I found that the sides of the shawl are quite tight, and would have benfitted from a bit more 'give'.
I used up the majority of both skeins of yarn... there may be enough left for a Bertie's Blanket square but thats about it.  This feels really good as my new year resolution was to use up more yarn than I acquire... this gives me close to 800 yards used.  Although my purchasing habits have been keeping up with this so far ;o)

Ooh and Jody had asked if this was going to be for me.  Yes, yes it is (I say beaming from ear to ear :).  I am extremely happy with how this turned out and enjoyed working on something for myself after a productive pre-Christmas gift knit marathon!  Now hubby is telling me it's his turn; that he has been neglected.  He's silly.  But yes, I see some socks and slippers in his future. 

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. 
Sam xxx

Friday, January 17, 2014

12 Days of Christmas

12 days complete, originally uploaded by samjoepics.
Isn't this pattern a beauty!

I'm delighted with how the 12 Days of Christmas Cross Stitch turned out. Gotta love the gals from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and their super cute designs. I used their recommend fabric (Cashel Crystal in Ale) and the recommended threads (a combination of Weeks Dye Works variegated threads and Cosmo for the solids).

So pleased that I persevered on this one. The plan is to get this framed so that it can be displayed each year at Christmas.

Do you have a favourite square? My absolute favourite is 1: Partridge in a Pear Tree. So very pretty.

OK, back to knitting now... I have a sparkly scarf that is close to completion and calling my name :)

Enjoy the long weekend friends,
Sam xxx

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Infinity scarf

So here we are - the 12th day of Christmas, and my 12 days cross stitch is not complete (as hoped).  It is looking beautiful though.
My goal was far too aggressive (read unrealistic), even with a couple of days cooped up at home with a poorly girl, and snowy weather. (Poorly girl much better after a restful few days and much loving attention from her big brother who is visiting this week).

What was needed this afternoon was an instant gratification project to make me feel like I had completed something over the Christmas break:  an infinity scarf.

model #1
This version is inspired by some that I had seen at Treelotta - a favourite local fabric store.
Essentially it is the combination of:
(Aren't they gorgeous!)

Materials needed:
  • 24inches of a pretty voile fabric (what would have been better still would be 2 complementary fabrics of 12 inches each). Note that the voile was 53" wide - this becomes the circumference of your scarf (I wouldn't go any shorter than this if you want to wear the cowl doubled up).
  • 106 inches (2x width of fabric) pom pom trim
materials needed

General directions:
  • Iron fabric, trim the edges and cut into 2 pieces (you will have 2 pieces that are ~12" x 53")
  • Take first piece of fabric and, with right side facing, baste the pom pom trim to the long/53" edges of the scarf (both sides), with pom poms pointing toward center of the fabric
  • basting the pom poms

    pom poms attached
  • Take second piece of fabric and pin to first, with right sides together
  • sewing the 2 pieces together
  • Using a zipper foot to get up to the edges of the pom poms, sew both of the long edges of the scarf together
  • You now have a big ole tube that you need to turn right side out
  • I followed the Cottage Mama's directions for joining the ends together
  • And you are done: Instant gratification!
Finished infinity scarf

Model #2

Hope you have had a good weekend and are staying warm, safe and healthy,
Sam xxx

Friday, January 03, 2014

All that glitters...

pendulum, originally uploaded by samjoepics.
There must be something about the festive season and my attraction to all things sparkly... if it's not the sparkly linen on the 12 days of Christmas cross stitch, its glitter art projects with Naomi, and then there is my current knitty WIP:

This is the Pendulum scarf from Amy Miller. It uses short rows to create these thick to thin stripes that swing from side to side.

The yarn is Anzula yarns Nebula in a charcoal and deep plum colour, each with sparkle throughout. :)

More to follow on this beauty...

Enjoy the weekend!
Sam xxx

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello Friends,
Here's wishing you all good things for 2014.  I hope you had fun yesterday evening and a lovely start to 2014 today.

Do you have fun plans for the year? Any resolutions?

It's a big year for Joe and I: We both turn a decade older. :) For me, that happens 4 months tomorrow and I'd really like to be in much better shape to mark the milestone. So resolutions include eating healthier and working out consistently. Here's to a healthier 2014!

On the crafting front, I was really happy with 2013: Mum's quilt completed; Berties Blanket completed (thanks to you); lots of gift knits...  In 2014 I'd like to complete the 2nd Bertie's Blanket for hospice, and continue making gift for friends and family.

What I also have in mind is to limit my craft purchases. Not stop altogether (let's start with baby steps :))) But I do want to reach a point where my output exceeds my stash enhancement.  And then maybe next year consider whittling down ;o)

There are lots of other things I have in mind on the home front - clearing out, simplifying, improving home organization etc...  It's all typical stuff. But I do love January 1 and that 'let's start afresh feeling'

In the mean time I have this extremely short term goal that I've been working on - to try and finish the 12 days of Christmas cross stitch by the end of the 12 days.  It is an aggressive goal. But I am loving working on the project, so lets see how this goes.

day 3: french hens, originally uploaded by samjoepics.

Wishing you all the very best for 2014