Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The other lovely vintage cardigan

Just a quick post to share the 2nd lovely vintage cardigan from Amanda and Lily over at Joli House. This is the one that the very talented, and very lovely Lily made for Naomi.

Beautiful cardigan from Lily

Naomi wore it on March 7th -- that was supposed to be her official due date. But like her Mum, she was a little impatient and decided to make an earlier appearance!

Thank you Lily, it so very beautiful. I'm touched by your kindness.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Look what the stork brought...

Little Naomi Claire arrived on February 24th, 2010. She weighed 7.0lbs, and measured 19.5 inches.


Precious little angel

We are in love with our little angel!

She's been putting me through 'New Mum basic training' which is why I've been delayed posting the good news. (In fact pretty much everything is upside down right now while I learn my new role, and get to know this precious little person... please bear with me until a new normality returns).

Here's a few photos... many more to come as the new schedule allows.

First is a gorgeous sweater from Amanda and Lily over at Joli house. There's also a second vintage cardigan that's equally stunning, and model shots will be coming. These arrived on Naomi's 1 week birthday so it was fun to dress up to mark the occasion.

Soo happy with my beautiful new cardigan

Here are the gorgeous pink booties from Terrie (love these booties - so, so cute!). I love when Naomi wraps her hands together like this, and then places them on her chin - like she's plotting her master plan!

Loving my new pink booties

And this one I call twinkle toes -- it's one of the gorgeous sets of socks that Kim had made. My goodness these handknit socks from Kim have barely been off her feet. They fit so well, and don't fall off and make mum happy knowing Naomi's little tootsies will be all toasty!

Twinkle toes

And of course the Indian jumper off Grandma. Dad's determined to make her a Tribe supporter. Or a Rockies fan... apparently that would also be ok since she'd be supporting the home team.

In my Indians jumper, made by Grandma

And the shot at the top - that's the pea pod and hat that Stacey had made for Naomi. Sooo cute. Joe loves this hat... in fact he said he wants one to match ha ha, he's such a goof! I'm thinking about using this shot for the announcement/thank you cards that have still to be made/sent...

Baby photo overload? I'll leave you with this last one - a big yawn... one of my favourite faces she makes. Mum has a yawn to match, but it isn't anywhere near as adorable!!!

Another big yawn