Sunday, October 07, 2012

Puerperium Cardigan

The folks at work are throwing a baby shower for one of the ladies in our group I hear 'baby shower' and my mind immediately starts thinking about all the cute itty bitty knits that I could make. The lady in question has decided not to find out whether she'll be welcoming a little boy, or a little girl. So that helps narrow the choices down to a unisex cardigan. As always I go to the Ravelry pattern search and start flicking through the baby patterns. That's where I found the Puerperium cardigan by Kelly Brooker.  Look how precious this is, and it is free.  Bonus!  The cardigan is a very easy knit and the pattern is well  written. Perfect for a beginner.  It is knit top down, with practically no seaming (except the underarms).  I used size US6 needle.

Puerperium cardigan

Here are a couple on Ravelry that caught my attention:

I chose to work this in Zitron Unisono.  I recently picked up this yarn at Mountain Valley Weavers in Glenwood Springs (if you are in the area, I recommend that you visit the store.  This is a not for profit that offers developmentally challenged adults the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity through the art of weaving - we were lucky enough to see some of the weavers happily working on beautiful scarves).  Any hoo the Unisono is lovely.  It is machine washable and is soft enough for babies skin (it has aloe in it).  Yes, this would do the trick.


I often think it is the little details that make a project.  The cardigan is lovely, but I wanted to add a little something to it.  First, the buttons.  These are some that I had picked up from Stampin Up a while back - I like that they work well with the colours in the yarn.  That was a good start, but it needed something else... a pocket.  (I simply cast on 15 stitches, knit in stocking stitch for approx 1-2 inches and then finished with 4 rows of garter stitch to match the garter stitch on the hem and neck band).  I love the pocket, and it makes me giggle thinking how throughly useless it is for a baby - pure decoration only. 

Newborn hat and cardigan

The pocket was good, but hmm it still needed something else... that's right an over stitched heart.  I think it did the trick!

Newborn hat and cardigan

I still had yarn left and made a little umbilical cord hat to go with the cardigan.

Newborn hat

Using US 6 needles cast on 75 stitches.  The hat is knit in the round.  First 4 rounds are garter stitch.
After the garter stitch, knit about 3-4 inches in stocking stitch.  Then comes the decreasing:
- *K3, K2tog* all the way around
- Knit a row
- *K2, K2tog* all the way around
- Knit a row
- *K1, K2tog* all the way around
- Knit a row
- *K2tog* all the way around
- Knit a row
- *K2 tog, K1* all the way around
- Knit an icord to the desired length, break yarn and thread through remaining stitches, pull tight and weave in. 

Of course this needed a heart too!

I still had more yarn left!  So I worked on my first 'Project of Love' hat.  I used the same instructions as above, but just knit the icord for about 4 inches and tied the icord in a knot.

Project of Love Hat #1

It feels good to have that done.  I've also been working on more + squares for Mum's curio quilt.  I have passed the 300 mark so I am making good progress.  I've also been shopping... check out these beauties that have made their way into my stash over the last couple of weeks:

More Fee laceweight yarn from Phydeaux Designs (I really enjoyed making the Citron shawl out of the Alpha Centauri colorway - this is extremely soft yarn with wonderful yardage and colours):


Phydeaux Fee - Holly


Phydeaux Fee - Aubergine

Today we attended a local craft fair and there was a stand with alpaca yarn from a local alpaca farm - Amazing fibers.  I was thrilled to bits :)  Alpaca is such a lovely light and soft yarn.  The ladies said I should come visit their farm - they have 100+ alpaca.  You know I'll be taking them up on that offer and I know a little someone who will love it too! 

Fingering weight handspun:

Handspun Alpaca

Worsted weight:

Alpaca worsted

Now, if only my output matched my intake of yarn!
Hope you had a great weekend,


Kepanie said...

OMGOsh! What a post! That baby set is TOO CUTE! And the yarn porn? Oh boy! Terrific!

Wens said...

How cute! I wish I could knit to a pattern.

Andi said...

The baby knits are beyond fantastic. I love them! Great new yarn aquisitions!

StarSpry said...

What an adorable baby gift set! I love the heart and button additions :) The new yarn additions are lovely. And how fun to have local alpaca farm!

oceane* said...

oh lord im just in love with alpaca yarns *~*.
that hat is lovley...

Ginx Craft said...

I just wanted you to know that I've nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award! All the details are on my blog today. (Its completely up to you whether you want to post the award and pass it or not. This is just my way of saying that I think your blog is great!)

Jannie said...

Just saw this beautiful set on facebook, do ewe knit, and search all ravelry, finally found you. Thanks so much. I am fron the netherlands and now a new search started, to find that pretty yarn. Regards from Jannie