Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stitch People: Cross Stitch Family

After seeing the birth announcement cross stitch, one of my family asked if I would make a family portrait with cartoon type people and an uplifting statement underneath as a daily reminder to be grateful for all that you have. Well, of course I was going to say yes to that!
Stitch people: brother family
I enjoy the research process almost as much as the crafting itself, and it wasn't long before I found the Stitch People site. What a fantastic source of inspiration with numerous customized family and wedding portraits. Plus you can order their book to guide you through creating your own custom versions: The book includes the designs for multiple different hair, outfit and accessory types, plus it has a great section for different dog and cat types. Naturally I now own a copy.
Stitch people: brother family
I started by picking out some photographs of the happy family, and then looking in the Stitch People book for those characteristics and outfits that would represent the family members. Once I had the selected design elements I copied them onto graph paper - this became my 'pattern'. From there it was a case of picking from my supply of threads to create the portrait. I cant tell you how much fun I had with this process, trying to make sure I reflected some of the details of this family:
  • Ooh she likes sparkle - let me stitch her a pink sparkle top
  • I rarely see her without heels... yep, these ankle boots with a heel are perfect!
  • Now for him, a black t-shirt is a frequent go-to top
  • One of his arms is a multicolour sleeve tattoo and the other is sepia, let me build that in ...making sure I get the arms correct (yes, there are even hints and tips for how you add details such as tattoos into your design)
  • The dogs are both German Shepherds but with their own distinct colouring that I was able to build in

Stitch people: brother family
As for the saying, I found this one on Pinterest - it is short, simple, but really conveys the desired feeling behind the original request.

I am grateful that I get to spend time with my family very soon, and deliver this one in person.
What are you grateful for?

Big hugs,
Sam xxx


Nicky said...

This is a beautifully customized gift!!! I love it especially today with all the shooting news in Florida.

Today I'm grateful for my family and friends -- real life and online. I'm grateful for every moment I get the opportunity to spend with them.

xo friend!

kathy b said...

Just adorable. LOve it