Friday, July 26, 2013

Tyk and Tynd

I recently had the good fortune to spend a weekend with my knitty friends.  Each year a group of us head up to the mountains for our annual Camp Wanna Knit Knit (for camping, read 'glamping').  A girls weekend of delightful company, fantastic food and oodles of crafting.  I have soo much fun on these weekends, and although it's always a little sad to say Goodbye to my little angel and dear sweet hubby, I do LOVE the dedicated crafting time and a grown-up girls weekend.

Naturally all that crafting time means I get to make a good dent on projects.  This year's focus was on finishing the Tyk and Tynd scarf.  A beautifully simple pattern (perfect for mindless knitting while I catch up with friends) with a stunning end result.

Tyk and Tynd

Tyk and Tynd

Part way through knitting the scarf I had an idea to replicate the scarf ridges in the form of a coordinating Wurm hat.  I kept the scarf on the needles while I worked from the other end of the yarn balls.  This way, when I returned to the scarf, I could knit until all that wonderful yarn was used up.


Wurm Hat

  • Yarn:  Kauni Effektgarn and Isager Alpaca Strik 1 (alternating)
  • Scarf pattern:  Tyk and Tynd scarf
  • Hat pattern:  Wurm (a free ravelry download)
  • Needle size:  As recommended in the patterns
Tyk and Tynd

The combination of the Kauni wool and the Isager Alpaca is genius - the alpaca provides a colour wash that helps smooth out the transitions in the kauni wool, as well as 'lifting' the overall scarf so that it feels light and airy.  I am extremely happy with the end result and know this will get some good use once Winter rolls around.


Lori ann said...

so soft and pretty! i love your new scarf and hat!

i'm visiting from andi's kal group, it's nice to meet you sam. :)

Katiebee said...

hi sam! thanks for stopping by my blog~ i look forward to following your blog & getting to know you!

happy knitting~


Karen said...

Beautiful colors. What a great idea to work the hat in the middle and use up all the yarn on the scarf!