Sunday, July 31, 2016

It has been a slow week...

This time last year we were back in the UK for my sister's wedding.
The whole gang
I had all good intentions to create a 1 year anniversary gift for her: A wedding portrait cross stitch, similar to the cross stitch portrait my brother had requested. Unfortunately it has been another couple of nutty work weeks so I didn't have the free/craft time to pull it off. The silver lining is that the traditional 2nd year anniversary gift is 'cotton'... so that can be the new goal! Sorry, Sis xxx
I have a reasonable start, and have been enjoying working on my Sis in her fabulous wedding dress. Pretty cute, huh! (She's ridiculously cute in real life too). I cant tell you how much fun these portraits are to work on.
Now I just need to keep this little fella from chewing up the threads!!!
(Isn't that a guilty look)
Wishing you a great Sunday,


Karen said...

Oh heartbreak. I'm sure it will turn out wonderful in the end. The wedding pics are nice!!

Chrisknits b said...

Good luck with the stitching and the training. Our youngest pup pulls out balls of yarn, but doesn't destroy them thankfully. He just does it when he feels neglected. LOL!