Sunday, January 22, 2017

Handspun Wurm

I am especially fond of handspun yarn. I love the squish of the yarn and that it has interest when it is not entirely consistent and uniform. The color combinations and graduations are gorgeous. I found a seller on Etsy whose handspun yarn is fabulous: Bockstarkknits.

Have you seen any handspun sellers that you would recommend?


I recently picked up some of Bockstarkknit's gorgeous yarn - a 2ply sock weight merino/firestar yarn - which I had fully intended to be a pair of socks. That is until I started unwinding the skein and rolling it into a ball... I then decided that it was too pretty to be hidden in a pair of shoes. It would be better suited for a hat.

  Plane knitting  Bockstark knits handspun

The hat pattern that I selected was Wurm by Katharina Nopp, a free download on Ravelry. The yarn colorway was aptly named Bohemia, and for me, the Wurm hat also has an unconventional vibe that would work well with this gradient yarn.

  Wurm Wurm

If you have visited this blog a few years ago you may recall that I have made the wurm hat before. It is one of my favorite hats, and a really fun knit. Previously I had used 2 separate yarns for the knit rounds and the purl ridges. This time I worked from either end of my ball of gradient handspun yarn, so that it had a bold blast of color pop through between the purl ridges. I think it would have been equally effective if I had just knit from one side of the yarn, and you'd really see the gradient yarn play out.


So there you have it - a fun project for a gradient yarn, and a delightful knit to boot!

Apologies for my absence here.
Wishing you all good things for 2017.
Sam xxx

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chrisknits said...

Genius! I love it as is.