Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oversized Pendulum Shawl

So here it is, the finished pendulum shawl:



  • Pattern:  Pendulum from Amy Miller
  • Yarn:  Anzula Nebula in Charcoal and Black Cherry (love the sparkle throughout these yarns)
  • Modifications:  The pattern recommends 5 stripes of each colour... I ended up knitting an extra stripe of the contrast colour which took the shawl width from 70" (width that the pattern was written for) to 84".  I like the extra width, and think it will be nice and snuggly on chilly winter days.
  • Tip:  The pattern is written to use M1R and M1L increases.  If I were to do-over I would use a yarn over increase.  I found that the sides of the shawl are quite tight, and would have benfitted from a bit more 'give'.
I used up the majority of both skeins of yarn... there may be enough left for a Bertie's Blanket square but thats about it.  This feels really good as my new year resolution was to use up more yarn than I acquire... this gives me close to 800 yards used.  Although my purchasing habits have been keeping up with this so far ;o)

Ooh and Jody had asked if this was going to be for me.  Yes, yes it is (I say beaming from ear to ear :).  I am extremely happy with how this turned out and enjoyed working on something for myself after a productive pre-Christmas gift knit marathon!  Now hubby is telling me it's his turn; that he has been neglected.  He's silly.  But yes, I see some socks and slippers in his future. 

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. 
Sam xxx


jody said...

gorgeous! you know those colors speak to me and i like the wider width too.

awesome fo!

Monica said...

Good that you are keeping this one as it is beautiful.

Chrisknits said...

Gorgeous! I love the the color scheme.

weekend knitter said...

That's gorgeous!! The colors really make it pop.

Nicky said...

Oooooo!!! Love the colour combo. Beautifully done Sam.