Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The kindness of folks

(I know, my blog posts are like buses... you wait for ages for one to appear, and three come along at once! )

I was thinking the other day about how kind people can be. This has been especially true during the pregnancy -- the kind words, the support and advice, the surprising and thoughtful gifts. Thank you to all my dear friends who have been enjoying this journey with me.

I mention surprising because sometimes it's the little things that just pop out of the blue. Take work, for example... There's the lady that operates the coffee cart who makes sure I get my daily dose of vitamin C -- she catches me on my way to my desk and gives me a couple of clementines each day (and a little bit of English toffee on the side!). Or the colleague who, knowing this is my first child, went out and bought me a book all about pregnancy. The list goes on and on... And believe me, I certainly couldn't ask for a more supportive boss right now. I've been truly blessed there.

I wanted to show my gratitude for some of this kindness, and of course this means handknit gifties! First up is the ruffle scarf. It's nothing momentous to shout about but I do like this pattern a lot (this is the 3rd scarf I've made using this pattern now). And with the designated weight yarn it's a very quick knit - I cranked this one out in just 2 evenings. (So if you need a very last minute gift, you could always plop yourself in front of the telly today and tomorrow and whip one of these out).

I made this one using some Kathmandu Aran that I had in my stash. I think it was probably close to 3 balls that I used (it was odds and ends of a couple of balls so hard to be sure on the yardage -- but that guidance will be in the pattern). With this tweedy yarn, this one feels a little more rustic than the other two. But I'm thinking that it should be super cosy. I hope she likes it.

Oh yes and that's a pic of me modelling it with my 28week belly. B.O.B. is certainly growing in leaps and bounds now!


Anonymous said...

oohhh Sam!!!! You look wonderful in this pic... and your little lady too!!! I cannot wait for her to come!!!!!

I hope you will have a wonderful "waiting" Christmas!! :-) and 2010 will surely be a gorgeous year for you and your husband too!!!


Denise said...

The scarf looks great on you, have you kept one for yourself? Might have to add that one to my list of gifts next year, it really looks good.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Ah you look so happy and healthy. Merry Christmas to you and that little bun in the oven!

Rima said...

Oh, lovely shawl! And Happy Bun in the Oven Holidays!

Bea said...

You look so cute! That scarf is a great color on you.