Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas stamping

I can hardly believe it's been a whole month since I last posted. Time is flying... I have been busy with work and play. And part of that play has been some craftiness. So here's the first of a couple of posts to get caught up.

After I finished the mittens I needed to knuckle down and get started on my Christmas cards. I received very disappointed looks from Joe last year when I (who owns too much stamping stuff to be buying a card. Ever.) went out and bought all my Christmas cards. This year I was ahead of the game and pretty much made every single one. I even made a couple of batches for my sis - more on that below.

Sometimes I lack inspiration for a design, and so I scouted the web and my idea books to come up with these. I really like the simple red/brown, green/brown and red/green colours.

And because I was on a roll I offered to make my sis some. She wanted some fun ones and I had this great stamp set with cute animals so made her a batch of those.

My sis also makes cool resin jewellry and ornaments, so Mum and I made her a batch that could 'house' the resin goody so that it would double as a gift and card for her friends. (Mum was over for a vist over Thanksgiving... we had such a nice time, and I was sad when she had to return to the UK).

Next up, some knitty goodness for the Little Lady...


Anonymous said...

welcome back Sam!!!
I love your Christmas cards!!!! And thank you again for mine!!!

And I think your sister's ornaments are gorgeous!!!! ReallY!!!! The last card is wonderful! You cannot think a better idea to use it!!! I love it!


Judy said...

I have missed your blog but can see that you have been very busy. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the Little Lady!

Tiger and Lily Boutique Blog said...

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Bea said...

These are so cute!