Sunday, January 04, 2009

Double the Ruffles

I finished the Just Enough Ruffles scarf to go with the purple and brown gloves that I'd given Mum for Christmas.

The original pattern (Just Enough Ruffles by Laura Chau) calls for a thicker yarn than the Sundara sock yarn I'd selected to go with the gloves, so I made a couple of modifications to the original pattern:
  • Used a 4mm needle (as that what is recommended for the chosen sock yarn)
  • Cast on twice as many stitches as the original pattern calls for
  • I did 20 wraps in the curve
  • I knit a couple of extra rows for the ruffle
I also used 2 colours in the scarf - a dark espresso brown Koigu sock yarn for the first and last few rows, and then the Sundara poppy for the bulk of the scarf. I wasn't sure about using 2 colours at first, but I think it turned out really nice in the end - an extra little detail.

I love the outcome and am going to make one for myself in some mama blue yarn that I've brought with me. Since the above version used more than 1 skein of the Sundara sock yarn, I probably won't cast on as many stitches -- probably increase by only 50% this next time. The scarf is plenty long so this should do the trick.

I love the pattern and think the end result is adorable.


Joanne said...

Wow.. that's beautiful.

I've never tried the Sundara yarn, but the color is gorgeous.. especially photographed in the way you've done it.

Your Mom is going to be so pleased, I'm sure.

Daniela said...

Nice pattern: I love this kind of purple It seems to be painted on your picture! :-)

Bea said...

Lovely. I think its really really beautiful.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Very pretty!

Elegant without being fussy.

WandaWoman said...

Beautiful and nice mods to the scarf to use up sock yarn!

Luni said...

What a nice scarf! I'll bet it looks great on, too, judging by the modeled photos I've seen on Ravelry. I've been wondering how it would work in a finer yarn. Thanks for the details!

StarSpry said...

It's lovely! Great modifications; it will look really nice in blue, too :)

michaele said...

purty - and fabulous job with the posing and photography, too!

Oiyi said...

Gorgeous!! Sundara Yarn rocks!

amanda said...

I love this scarf! The contrasting edging is the perfect touch.