Thursday, April 10, 2008

Knitty Cat

Stop 7 on the Colorado Yarn Tour is Knitty Cat in Centennial.

I am lucky to have a wide selection of wonderful yarn stores in my neighbourhood. And Knitty Cat is one of them. Anne, Knitty Cat's super friendly and helpful owner, stocks a wide variety of brands of yarns -- Rowan, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Twinkle, Lorna's Laces... to name but a few.

Don't you just love the 'lemonade stand' at the front. And the seating area in the middle where you can swing by, hang out, knit and chat.

And of course the 'classroom', or social knitting area.

With all these great stores, it started me thinking about what it was that set each apart from the other? They all stock premium brands of yarn, although you'll know to go one place for Rowan and another for Debbie Bliss and yet another for Habu etc... You could say each store has it's own unique 'style'. And given that they are dotted around the South Denver area they potentially cater to local pockets of knitters (but I know better than that -- knitters will happily travel far and wide to visit a yarn store)

So what is it about Knitty Cat that sets it apart? What immediately jumped to my mind was that Anne has actively built a community of knitters, or a hardcore following, if you will. ;o) There always seems to be a store knitalong in progress -- the next one is the Great American Afghan and I think she mentioned more than 60 knitters were signed up already! How fun is that! And on a one on one basis, Anne treats you like a friend - she knows your name, remembers details about your family, the last project you worked on etc (even if you haven't been in a while).

Another great store to add to the yarn crawl list if you are in the area!

Oh, and before I forget, I did pick up some wonderful yarn for the Colorado afghan -- a terracotta coloured soy silk yarn from Conjoined Creations.


Luni said...

Wonderful lys! You are lucky. I'm impressed that 60 people have signed up to knit the GAA. That's quite an undertaking. Denver has a lot of fearless knitters! :)

Luni said...
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StarSpry said...

Cute little shop! I love the color you picked out for your afghan :)

Michelle said...

That is very pretty! I like that shop a lot too. Anne has always been very nice to me. And I tease her that she's my Rowan "dealer".