Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colorado Yarn Tour -- Summary

What's the Colorado Yarn Tour? Well, Nachaele had a fun idea to visit all the yarn stores in Colorado this year, buy a skein of yarn in each, and make a 'Colorado' afghan.

This will be my summary post for all the stores I visit. Although I'm wondering if 'visit all' is truly possible -- I believe there are over 60 stores in the state of Colorado. (And that would be one sizeable afghan). So I've started close to home and will be slowly visiting those futher afield, and will see how far I get.

As for the afghan, I started by picking my colour scheme in the first store -- there was a bundle of threads that caught my eye. I've been told that they came from a weaver in Aspen. My idea is to make a version of the Mosaic blanket from '100 afghan squares to knit' that predominantly uses these colours. (Although I'm wondering if with all these stores I'll be making a different blanket, in a different colour scheme, for every room in the house!)

Enough of my waffle, here's the list of stores visited so far (in order of places visited, and links to my blog posts about each):

  1. Yarn Arts, Parker (now closed, I think)
  2. The Knitting Habitat, Aurora
  3. Colorful Yarns, Centennial
  4. String Boutique, Highlands Ranch (now under new ownership/management)
  5. Purls of Wisdom, Parker
  6. A Knitted Peace, Littleton
  7. Knitty Cat, Centennial
  8. I Love Knitting, Denver
  9. Woolen Treasures, Loveland
  10. The Yarn Studio, Minturn
  11. Yarn, Durango
  12. Knit One on Pearl Street, Bayfield
  13. Edelweiss Needlework Chalet, Pagosa Springs
  14. Serendipity, Buena Vista
  15. to be continued...


Amanda said...

60 yarn stores! You must feel very deprived where you're back in England!

Michelle said...

I LOVE that blanket. I hope you end up making it even if you don't use your Colorado Yarn Tour yarn for it. I actually (and gradually) collected all the yarn to make it. Man, now I want to start it. :D