Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sock update

Dad's Harley socks and slippers arrived back in the UK and he really likes them :o) Here they are with some of his other Harley swag. I love the T-shirt -- Preston is just down the road from where my parents live (aaaahh home).

My Mum did send me some great shots of Dad modelling his new socks and slippers but for fear he'll become an internationally sought after foot model I'll spare you, oops I mean him, by not posting them here.

Glad you like them Dad.

Now onto another pair: I've started some simple 2x2 rib socks in Koigu. I love Koigu -- the colours and the squidgy socks that it makes.

And talking of soft and squidgy sock yarn, I ordered some wonderful handpainted Merino Cahsmere blend sock yarn from the Knittery. I had to have it. Yes I broke my yarn diet... I am weak :o(

The package arrived the other day and I appreciate the thought they put into it -- the yarn was wrapped in tissue and tucked inside were some jelly beans. What did make me smile most is that, according to the label, they are 'cheerfully' handpainted :o)

And there's more... my latest Sundara Seasons collection also came in. Some sock yarn in a beautiful shade of lavender/blue called Hyacinth.

Better get those dpns out and get cracking...


Anonymous said...

What a great gift combination for your Dad! Love your new yarn purchases! :)

Terri Lynn said...

What lovely sock yarn you have here dear! So glad your father loved his sockies and everything else! What fun he must have had!