Friday, December 28, 2007

Mami's Koolhaas

Mami's Koolhaas, originally uploaded by samjoepics.

It's cooooold here in the Denver area, and Mami has asked if I'd make her a hat to go with the Shetland shawl. I was looking for a pattern that literally would match the lacy-ness (real word???) of the shawl. But after she saw me working on the Koolhaas for Little Joey, Mami asked if that's what I'd make for her. That it's beautiful! ;o)

I do love this yarn - it's Catalina's baby alpaca and silk mix. Yum! And as much as I love the Malabrigo version - the colours, the sproinginess (another made up word?) of the yarn -- I do think this one colour version is my favourite. The stitch detail is not obscured by the variety of colours -- it pops.

Check out some of the originals on BrooklynTweed's blog (the designer). Now these ones are truly stunning!


Terri Lynn said...

Wow! This hat is so interesting! I love it! Thanks for the links! I may have to make one for hubby!

StarSpry said...

I LOVE this hat! :)