Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas fun

What a great Christmas!

The fun started on Christmas eve which is when my in-laws tend to celebrate. We enjoyed a traditional Colombian dinner of Pasteles de Aroz -- delicious. And then the dancing began! We danced up until midnight when we took a breather to each open a gift.

The next day we woke to a white Christmas. Beautiful! I phoned my family back home (I miss them terribly; especially at this time of year) it was soo good to hear everyone having a great time together. By the time I got off the phone it was time for us all to open gifts. Let's just say we were all spoilt silly! And then it was time for Christmas dinner -- a delicious ham and aroz con coco (coconut rice). And sprouts (an English Christmas staple! ha ha ha!). What a multi-cultural combination! ;o)

I wanted to share some of my knitting-related gifted goodies:

There's the Piddleloop project bags in a skull theme to match my fave knitting t-shirt. I love these bags and the thought that goes into them -- the accompanying stitch markers on the zippers and even the skull and crossbones glitter! How cool is that! I've been keen to get one of these as I've seen them pop up on a couple of blogs now. And this particular pattern couldn't be more perfect for my taste!
I also received this knitting snowman ornament. This is soo very adorable and has pride of place on our mantel. Check out the miniature knitting mag under his (?) arm
Thank you Kelly, you are an angel! A fantastic goody bag of gifts indeed.

And Nachaele too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I received some lovely sock yarn in my favourite colours -- hot pink and green. Love it! And stitch markers... and sheep soap... and cinema tickets... and a lovely lavender salt scrub (perfect for a girl who can tend to be a bit of a stress head!)

And check this out from my brother -- it's a sheepy hot water bottle. The whole hot water bottle thing is very British. I love them -- perfect for heating the bed up on a cold day, easing aches and pains etc... And this one with a snuggly soft cover is lurvely!

And this last one, although not knitting related is kinda goofy enough that I wanted to share it with you. It's a puppy purse from my sis! How hilarious is this. (Yes, my family think I'm absolutley crazy over my 4-legged friends and that's what inspired the gift. They are right on the mark!)

Hope you all had a fantastic day with loved ones.
Stay warm,


Anonymous said...

Isn't Christmas so fun! Love that water bottle! :)

Terri Lynn said...

Love the water bottle! The gifts are great!

StarSpry said...

What great gifts you received! Glad you're now a Piddleloop owner, too :D

What a funny puppy purse :P