Sunday, September 09, 2007

The cardi was supposed to be a capelet after all

A little while back I'd blogged about my Malabrigo cardigan. It was based on the anthropologie-inspired capelet pattern... but I'd made a couple of changes because I'm more of a cardi than a capelet person. I'd hoped to take my cardi on my last-minute trip to the UK last week and, in my rush to pack, I decided that the freshly washed cardi would dry much faster if it had some assistance from the tumble dryer. Obviously my brain wasn't in gear, because it shrank into this little number:

Maybe it was meant to be a capelet all along, or donated to Jac like the other one. (It does look good on you sis! And gives me an excuse to reknit this pattern for the 3rd time... and I've got just the yarn in my stash.)

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