Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend knitting

After a lazy weekend of doing nothing much but knitting, my Anthropologie-inspired capelet is now complete:

Ok, so it's more of a cardie than a capelet. I don't see myself as a capelet kinda gal so I decided to make it longer.

I loved working on this project -- working the sleeves and the body in one piece; minimal finishing; being able to take a 'recipe' more than an exact pattern and make it to measure; working with such a soft yarn.

For it to be complete in a weekend was an added bonus.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Love that little Cardi. BTW, you asked about my sock blockers on the Petal Collection site so I thought I'd stop by to let you know I got them last year from Leggy Creations.

Pooch said...

Gorgeous sweater!! Love that shade of yellow---perfect for summer. Your doggies look so noble in these pix! They all have their moments, don't they?!

StarSpry said...

Your "capelet" looks beautiful! I love how it looks in the longer version :)

Whitt said...

I love your version and the yarn (what is it?)! Very nice.