Sunday, July 10, 2016

Handspun socks

I hope that you are well and enjoying summer. I've been absent due to work and family travels. It's been a great few weeks. Of course travel time means lots of craft time, which has resulted in a pair of handspun socks.
Handspun socks
A few weeks back I picked up this wonderful yarn from BockStark knits on Etsy. I am really fond of handspun and these colours are very soothing.
Bockstark handspun
There is no pattern for these - just a plain old vanilla sock.  I thought that best with all the interest from the yarn.
Handspun socks
These kept me company on our travels to, and within, the UK. Plane knitting, train knitting etc... We had such a great time with family in the UK, and were able to get out and about - walking the Roman walls in Chester, visiting historic buildings, checking out Wimbledon, walks along the beach front...
Salmesbury Hall
Salmesbury Hall
One crafty highlight from the trip: There is a factory that prints Liberty fabric not too far from where my family live. Adjacent to the factory is a factory shop!!! My sister took to me the factory store one weekend, and I picked up a few bags of Liberty scraps as well as some pre-cut bundles. We had such a great time, and came home with fabulous loot, that I was able to tempt my Mum to take me back there the following week. It would be dangerous if this was on my doorstep!
Liberty of London fabrics
Liberty meter, 1/2 meter, 1/4 meter bundles
Liberty scraps
Back in Colorado now, and hiding indoors from this crazy heat.
Stay cool friends.


Ginx Craft said...

That liberty fabric does look a treat. Love the socks too.

monica said...

Living a dream thru your travels and souvenirs! Sounds like it will be an unforgettable trip. Well deserved :-) I love that yarn; the spinning is so consistent and round and beautiful!

Chrisknits b said...

So fun! How can you even come back to the US after that?

kathy b said...

Love your socks.
They came out great! Hot here in Chicago today too waiting for a cooling storm