Sunday, April 10, 2016

Road trip

Over spring break we took a road trip to visit family in Arizona.  The timing was perfect because we were able to catch a spring training game with the Rockies.  That's a win:win for my husband and I...  He gets to watch the game while I get to enjoy some great weather and solid knitting time :)
Spring training
It was really good to get away for a few days, see family and enjoy some delightful weather (thankful to have missed the blizzard back in Colorado). I mainly worked on the Clapo-ktus scarf on the road trip and have been making good progress - almost at the half way mark!  I have since flitted between the other projects on the needles:
 The Habu Gauzy scarf (now on the 3rd colour):
Gauzy scarf
Some baby booties:
Rev 1 colours
Rev 1 colours
Although I am not loving the dusky pink and have since been reworking them in this glittery peach and cream combination.
New Colours
In addition to the knitting I was able to pick up some fabulous Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn, which is soo bright and happy! I'm eager to get one of these skeins on the needles! But first, I need to finish those baby booties.
Blue Moon Splurge
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend,
Sam xxxx


Andi G said...

I am so happy that you came to Arizona...I noticed a special feeling in the air and now I know it was you all. :)
We had the perfect weather for you to be able to take in a Spring training came, didn't we.
Beautiful yarn acquisitions!
Those little booties are wonderful.

Chrisknits b said...

Awesome trip! Love the skeins, how can you resist them!

Karen said...

Sounds like a fun trip; I always love a Rockies game. Many great things on the needles!

sam said...

The weather was fantastic while we were there, yes. I can see why some folks spend their winter and spring there.

sam said...

I have the worst willpower when it comes to pretty yarn! 😁

sam said...

I really enjoyed the time with family, and getting in some r&r.