Sunday, March 13, 2016

Slow and steady

I've been making progress on the gauzy scarf... the 2nd colour block is almost complete and it is looking lovely. I think it has an Eileen Fisher vibe to it. This scarf is intended as a gift, but might be hard to part with. :)

Scarf progress

Aside from the scarf, I don't have a lot of crafty progress to share this week. In my free time I've been on a kick to purge the house of unnecessary 'stuff'. Do you ever feel like that? I'd made a good start, but certainly have plenty more de-cluttering to go. It was nice to get a start on it. Could it be that spring is on the way and that drives the desire to have our homes feeling clean and airy?

The purging does not include yarn :) I welcomed the following beauties into my stash - a lovely gradient yarn from Pigeonroof studios. There are a few babies due in our family this spring and summer, and I was thinking that this would be adorable for a little baby girl project.

Gradient yarn

The other beauty we welcomed into our home this week is Macky. Look at this handsome soul!  His Momma is going to be travelling for some months and so we have the good fortune to have another furry family member until she returns.  I'm thrilled and have been enjoying snuggles.


Wishing you a great week ahead.


Chrisknits b said...

Aw, what a cutie!! Love the scarf project, and the pink gradients are just adorable!

Anuj said...

Hi Sam,

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Karen said...

Yes, I think Spring does just that - makes us desire "clean and airy" homes, too. Your cat is beautiful!

sam said...

Thanks, Chris. I think those pinks may make it onto the needles this weekend.

sam said...

Thanks Karen. We have some crazy spring weather today, don't we :) hope you are staying safe and warm.