Saturday, April 16, 2016

Delicate baby booties and hat

I started the baby booties and hat again using the new yarn. It was a good decision!

Pretty baby booties and cap
The previous colours were nice... they just didn't feel really special. These new yarns however - Wow! First the colours - I feel that they are classic and delicate. Perfect baby colours. The cream yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Royal, and to use their description: A very rare quality of luxury alpaca fiber. You just want to snuggle with this. (Or as friend of mine would say, you want to have a complete body suit made out of this!) The peach yarn is Louise Harding Orielle in color Blossom. This one is 97% baby alpaca (more snuggly softness) with a silver princess sparkle that runs through it (and the sparkle does not detract from the softness). If there is any downside it would be that the stitch definition is not as crisp in the alpaca yarns compared to the cotton. But you could argue that this just adds to the charm of the alpaca. Always a silver lining :)

Pretty baby booties
The pattern is Knitting Baby Set by Elena Mitchell (Solnishko43 on Etsy). The pattern is extremely detailed with a couple of size options: Excellent written instructions and accompanying photographs for each step. As I was knitting I felt that this must be a very talented knitter that created this design - there are some steps in the design, such as how each row starts and stops that give a very professional finish. If you have some baby knitting in your future I recommend checking out her patterns on Etsy. The finishing touch was to add the pearl beads as a final decorative element. These are fit for a princess!

Pretty baby hat
Now, if only this snow would let up I could go and get them in the mail :) 
I am taking full advantage of the snow day - crafting, blogging and quality family time. It is a good day! How would you/do you spend your snow days?

Stay safe Coloradoans, and wishing everyone a great weekend,
Sam xxx


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Oh my gosh, that snow y'all got! Crazy! The hat and booties are about the sweetest things, ever! They will be so loved and the colors are just perfect. I love the pearl accents, too. Perfection!

sam said...

Thank you, Terri. The weather here is a little wacky - one day it can be glorious, and then the next you can have a good amount of snow on the ground. I've had local friends recommend no planting until after Mother's day for that very reason.

Monica said...

Adorable! Makes me think, for five seconds, about going for the second girl :-)

Nicky said...

Love this too! your work is amazing and you really hon in on the details. This is a beautiful set!