Sunday, March 06, 2016


I picked up some beautiful Habu yarn last week - N-80. It is 4 fine strands of merino that are wrapped in a black silk thread. I picked up 3 different colors to make a gauzy colour block scarf. I think this yarn looks really elegant and was eager to cast on immediately.

Habu N-80

I am using the Coco Knits Nora Fringe scarf pattern, minus the fringe. It is a basic garter knit scarf, and because the fine yarn is knit on larger needles, the resulting fabric is beautifully airy and light. I'd spent most of my craft time working on this, and am making good progress so far. This one is a gift knit.

Habu N-80

Habu scarf

Our new little furry family member took it upon himself to remind me that I also have the Clapok-tus scarf in progress too, by running laps with it around the house. Aah he's a yarn lover - skeins of yarn and knitted socks or slippers are not safe around this little fella! But look at this bundle of sweetness... yes, all is forgiven! 

So sweet

Yarn lover

His little show did prompt me to spend some time on this scarf too. Naturally this one is going much more slowly, but is very soothing to knit on. I love the colours in this soo much, and think that my natural preference is to work on the smaller needle sizes.

Sock yarn scarf

That's all from here. It is girls day today and we off to pick up the painted pots from last weekend's party. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, and Happy Mother's Day to all in the UK.


Marilyn said...

Your puppy looks like a real cutie, what's his name? Love the green scarf, yarn looks really fantastic!! Mazza

sam said...

Hi Mazza, thanks so much. The pup's name is Bronte. I thought my daughter picked that name for him because we had visited Bronte country over the summer. Turns out she picked the name after a Disney character called Bronte-Saurus. :)

Nicky said...

Those scarves are awesome! And Bronte's a beautiful pup!

sam said...

Thank you. Nicki. He's a sweetheart when he is snuggling. Not so much when he is doing laps of the house with yarn or a knitting project!

Jeanie said...

Beautiful yarn and puppy:) He has great taste in yarn. I would love to know the yarn you are using, it is perfect!

sam said...

Hi Jeanie. Thanks soo much. The yarn is from Skein. It is the Top Draw Sock in colour Envy. The colour is fantastic and it is wonderfully soft too.