Sunday, June 22, 2014

Zauberball Man Socks

Between road trips and work trips I've been able to whip out another pair of socks. This time for Joe (although the pic below is modeled on my feet):
Man socks
Quite the dazzlers aren't they :)))
The yarn is Zauberball and is dyed to gradually progress through the colours.
While this is a really nice effect, I thought I'd make them stripey by knitting one row from one end of the skein and the following row from the other end of the skein. Typically I make my stripes thicker. But this has a fun effect with the single rows of each colour. For the cuff, heels and toes, I stick with working from one end of the skein so that they appear as a solid(ish) colour, instead of continuing the stripes.
Man sock

I like that the socks don't match exactly... but clearly belong together.
Another pair to tuck away in the Winter Woollies box.

Oh yes, I didn't follow a published pattern for these. Just winging it using my basic sock approach and a size 2 needle. I like the simplicity of the basic sock for travel projects - my hands can stay busy, while I can zone out and relax.

Have you been taking any fun trips?
What are your projects of choice when you are travelling?

Wishing you a lovely summer,
Sam x


elns said...

I'm a fan of zauberball socks, and yours look fantastic. I have learned to like sock knitting a lot based on the fact, like you said, they are great for portability. I take public trans a lot, and sock knitting is perfect for this.

Wens said...

Love those socks! Amazing that you can wing a pattern! I take little paper pieced quilt triangles with me on trips, although I won't have many of those this year!

jody said...

these are gorgeous! i love the thin stripes. i don't have the patience for multiple strands of yarn so i always appreciate it when someone else knits them.

Katiebee said...

i have yet to knit with zauberball but i'm seeing lots of projects & it makes me wanna head to the yarn store! great socks! hope you're having a great summer!!!

Jesse said...

I love these socks!!! Such a great idea to knit from both ends to make striped sock, such a cool effect!