Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday Boneyard

I've been doing some secret knitting for a friend's birthday, which is part of the reason it has been a little quiet here.  But now that the big day has come and gone, I can share what I've been working on...

It's the Boneyard shawl from Stephen West (don't you just love his shawls!).  Bonus:  the pattern is a free Ravelry download!

Boneyard shawl

Before I start any given project, I like to look through the finished versions on Ravelry for inspiration.  For this pattern I saw that a bunch of folks had knit their shawl using one skein of Madeline Tosh Pashmina.  I had one particular colour of Pashmina in my stash - Pop Rocks - that I knew my friend, Stacey, would love.  It's a super bright pink, and just up her street.

Boneyard shawl

Looking through the finished projects on Ravelry I also saw that some folks had chosen to work the shawl in stripes of differing colours.  I love stripes, and thought this would add a touch of fun to the finished shawl.  I found some Coral online that would contrast well with the Pop Rocks Pink.  Yes, this combo would be a good, bright, fun one!  Perfect for Stacy.  Ooh and the Madeline Tosh Pashmina is just devine - soo very soft.

Mad Tosh Pashmina

The folks that had used one skein of MadelineTosh Pashmina were able to get about 9 repeats of the pattern, which is a good size for a neckerchief sized shawl.  I wanted to make something bigger and cuddlier and worked 12 repeats of the pattern.  The end result is a really good size - enough to truly be called a shawl, without being too big and 'drowning' the wearer.  FYI, the 12 repeat version used 1 whole skein of the main colour - Pop Rocks - and the majority of one skein of the contrast colour - Coral.

Boneyard shawl

Finally, the pattern calls for the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind off.  It's a perfect bind-off for the shawl due to it's strectchiness.  But man, it took me forever to bind off in this manner!  Well worth it though.

Boneyard shawl

The gift is a winner (yay!) -- Stacey loves it.  Which means I am also over the moon:  I do love gift knitting when the finished project is soo graciously received.

Birthday girl + gift

Hope you are having a lovely weekend my friends,


Tanya said...

LOVE the coluors, and rREALLY wnt one in this colour! xox

Andi said...

Beautiful and very thoughtful knitting! Love the color combo,looks perfect together.

Ginx Craft said...

What a lucky friend. Love those bright colours together.

jody said...

this is so gorgeous! great colors, beautiful knitting. i'm jealous of your friend ;)

DiBig said...

Lovely colours. X

Erin said...

Love those colors!

StarSpry said...

This is such a beautiful shawl! And so soft :)

Kepanie said...

That is a fantastic pairing! The pink is bright and poppin' and the coral mutes it a bit so it's not over the top. Wonderful job.

Nicky said...

Love it! The colour combination is beautiful. I don't think it's too bright at all!

Joanne said...

How beautiful! You're such a good friend and the color is perfect for Stacey.