Saturday, May 25, 2013

Apron Swap

At the next quilting guild meeting we have an apron swap.  I've been hunting all over pinterest and the web for something to catch my eye.  I ultimately decided on the Purl Bee Unisex Adjustable Apron.  I like the utilitarian feel of it.  But wanted to kick it up a notch.

Originally I was thinking of adding some fun embellishment or paper pieced pocket. 
Think applique kitchen utensils
Or paper pieced cup of tea
Or appliqued letters such as "eat"

However on my search for fabric I found an easy way out - fabric that already had a kitchen design, and coordinated well with the main fabric.  I could add a little ric rac and a bright fun apron tie - yes this would do the trick.
Apron Fabric

The instructions are very well written and straight forward.  I didn't follow exactly - e.g. the pattern tells you to fold your fabric in half to cut out the main body of the apron.  My fabric was extra wide and so I didn't want to cut a big hole in the middle of it - I was actually able to cut out the main piece, to specification, out of one half width of the fabric.  But like I say, the fabric I'd selected was quite a bit wider than your typical quilting bolt.  Plus for the pocket, I fussy cut the design I wanted vs trying to get the measurements exact to the pattern.  So nothing major - just little tweaks.

Purl Bee Unisex Apron

The end result is simple and pretty.  I'm really happy with how it all came together.
Thing is... it doesn't really fit me.  I think Unisex Adjustable Apron should read His and 'Tall-Hers' Apron.
You see it fits hubby perfectly.  Although it may not be his choice in style ha ha.

Manly apron ha ha

But at 5'2" it seemed to drown me.  Looking at the pictures I've seen online they have it folded in the middle (which must be the adjustable part).  And in fairness, that approach works.  It just isn't as cute on me, with that fold, as it is on Joe. :) 

Apron Collage

Let's hope whoever ends up with this is a good deal taller than I am.  Or who has a hubby/significant other who isn't afraid of a nice pop of pink and a little ric rac ha ha!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend?


StarSpry said...

That is super cute, Sam! I still think it looks nice folded, so it's great for the swap :)

Chrisknits said...

I think it looks stunning the way you are wearing it, but your husband also looks "stunning" in it. LOL! Such a cute apron.

Andi said...

You are a crafty queen! Beautiful sewing on the apron.

Kepanie said...

Nice job on this apron! I am your height too and would have to wear it like you.

Nicky said...

I think it looks great on you too but Joe totally rocked it! The photo with him in it is definitely the money shot!!!! LOLOL!

Wens said...

I love it Sam! And I was just thinking the other day about how my apron is too small. I love it when they cover more of you - but maybe I'm just messy in the kitchen :)