Saturday, May 18, 2013

Squares, squares and more squares...

I've been spending a lot of time working on quilt squares these last couple of weeks.

First up are the Denver Quilt Guild Quilting Bee squares.  Last month I had Lorrie's box.  Her theme is 'everything goes with denim' and she was looking for strip squares.  As a newbie quilter, I have a lot of fun working on these types of squares - no perfect points to be created... no corners to match up... wonky lines encouraged... It's all about the colours and the fabrics and creativity. 

In Lorrie's box there were a number of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and so I dug into my scrappy stash to complement them with some of the bits and pieces I had leftover from my Mum's quilt.  I really love those Kaffe polka dots. Here are the 4 squares that I contributed:

DQB Lorrie: My squares

Here's a snap shot of all the squares that Lorrie has received to date.  I think this is going to be fabulous when complete.  A fantastic theme, that was pure joy to work on.

DQB Lorrie: Everything goes with denim

I'm ahead of the curve this month - I received Teresa's box last week and already have my squares done.  Teresa's theme is a wonky log cabin using purples, greens and pinks.  She encouraged each participant to throw in some orange.  Since she also had Kaffe in her box - some of the shot cottons - I was able to complement with some Kaffe shot cotton in orange that I had in my stash.  I am extremely happy with the outcome:

DQB: Blocks I made for Teresa

Here's a snapshot of all of Teresa's squares to date.  I really enjoy seeing these come together now that a number of squares have been created for each theme.  I think this particular quilt might be one of my favourites, and can foresee that I'd make one of these myself.  Lovely isn't it.

Teresa's quilt so far

My little 'Vanna' certainly seems to think so :)))

My Vanna

In fact, Naomi has been intrigued by all this quilting and asked if we could make a square together today.  We did.  A wonky log cabin square for Bertie's Blankets.  You can read all about it on the Bertie's Blankets blog.

Working on our BB square
Ta da

Finally, but most importantly, I've also been working on Mum's Curio Quilt.  Here's where I was yesterday afternoon:

Mum's Curio Quilt - Row G WIP

And here's the progress as of the early hours this morning :))

Mum's Curio Quilt: Row G Finished

My plan for this evening is to add some more squares for the next row.  I am tickled with how this is coming together.

Have a lovely evening,
Sam xxx


Amina said...

wow!! you are so incredibly talented! Your little girl is so adorable!

StarSpry said...

You mom's quilt is really coming along!It's so pretty :) It really is nice to see all the squares for the quilt bee! Everyone's is so fun.

Kepanie said...

I love the geometry in those squares! Modern art.