Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stitchy goodness

In my last post I was sharing about the quilt guild bag swap.  It was a lot of fun seeing all the different designs and fabrics.  And of course 'drawing straws' for each of the bags.  :)

Here's a piccie of the swap group, with all of the bags. (Thanks to Liz, who heads up the Guild, for the photo)
DQB Bag Swap

The bag I received in the swap is absolutely lovely - it is a chevron and linen pouch that will be perfect for carrying my Nook.  I love the attention to detail on this:  super soft flannel lines the inside, with some cushiony padding to protect against bumps, and finally the chevron fabric provides a couple of pockets that I'll be able to use for Joe's glasses, and the recharging cable.  Isn't it a beauty!

Nook case from Denver Quilt Guild bag swap

Other than that, I've been plugging away on my Mum's quilt.  :o)))  Sick of hearing me say that yet?  Think of how my poor mother must feel.  Erm, slow and steady wins the race ;o)

Speaking of Mum, I unearthed these cross stitch when I was cleaning through one of our closets the other day. Mum had made these when we were little. I was thrilled to bits when I found them, and will be getting them framed for Naomi's room. For now I have them mounted in cross stitch hoops (which also looks pretty). Naomi loves that her Grandma made these "for her". (Ahem, not really but Grandma will be happy to know they are pride of place in her bedroom).

sew cute

It's also been a great week for mail - I'd received some more squares for Berties Blankets (the hospice blankets in memory of my Dad).  I wanted to make some more key fobs to thank the kind participants for their contribution.

More key fobs

I hadn't blogged about these before, but I am starting to add new scarves to the Christmas gift box. I'm getting an early start on this, this year.  The pink and mustard scarves both use lovely bulky yarn from Phydeaux Yarns. The other is an interesting thick-thin handspun yarn. Not sure who they are for yet. And sorely tempted to keep the pink one for myself. We'll see. I'm hoping we've seen the last of the snow this week in Colorado, and that I can start packing away the winter scarves, hats, gloves etc...

Pretty in pink cowlMustard cowlHandspun cowl

Hope you are having a good week,
Sam x


Chrisknits said...

Oh, I love your back! I made a knitted back for my Nook, but it doesn't hold all my stuff! And the hard case I bought for it isn't any better. Must think about sewing or felting a case, cause I could put pockets on either. Love your fobs!!!

Kepanie said...

Wonderful projects! Everyone made pretty bags to swap. How fun to do that.
The cross st are very cute. Makes me remember how my mum had crafted things for my room when I was a babe.
The neckwarmers are terrific. That st is so prominent in a bulky yarn.

Andi said...

That group looks like fun. What a wonderful swap!
If I were you, I would keep the pink cowl for yourself. Sometimes you need to be selfish.
Love the little stitching. They are a treasure for sure.