Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pinspiration: Key Chains

Are you hooked on Pinterest?  I have to get a daily fix!  So very many cool things out there, and perhaps my 'search engine' of choice when it comes to looking for crafty inspiration.  My latest search has been for a thank you gift for folks who are participating in Bertie's Blankets.  Just a little something, something that communicates my gratitude for the support.  At first I found some little charms that were essentially a combination of a hand, heart and angel.  What could be more perfect - handmade items, that are made with love by dear sweet angels!  So I ordered a bunch of them thinking I'd figure out something to do with them when they arrived. 

They arrived, they are lovely, but I drew a blank!  I wracked my brain for something that could be useful for all... I know, a key chain.  So I added a charm to a key ring... boring! Added beads to it... meh! Harrumph, it was time to call Pinterest to the rescue!  Sure enough, I found a link via Pinterest to a fun project on the blog Craftiness is not an option: Fabric key chains.  Excited about this discovery I jumped into my car and headed over to Joann's to pick up supplies.  Returned home and started up the production machine, with my trusty creative director (Joe) kindly agreeing to come check out each and every step!  (Ha ha, I married a good patient and supportive man :)))

Thank you key chains

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.  This is a fabulously easy project that makes great use out of small leftover pieces of fabric.  I followed the directions step by step, with one exception - I added an extra layer of batting in the middle.  Which made the trimming with the pinking shears a little more difficult, but was well worth it for the extra padding.

Thank you key chains

I need to reach out to a couple of you for addresses so that I can get yours in the mail.  I'll be in touch :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Monica said...

Sam, you are an artist...I'm hooked with Pinterest as well. But, I can hardly translate anything that I see into a finished project. Love, love these keychains! BTW, there are at least two more squares going your way. I hope they are not too late. xoxo

StarSpry said...

These are so cute Sam! Thank you :) I love Pinterest, too! So many great ideas out there :)

Sam said...

Not too late at all. I am extremely grateful for the additional support. Thank you xxx
(Posting this here too in case others are wondering if they are too late)

Oiyi said...

What an amazing thank you gift! You are so talented.

Kepanie said...

Bless your generous heart! You did an amazing job on these key chains.

Wens said...

They're SO CUTE!