Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Denver Quilting Bee: Box 2 for Katie P

A couple of posts ago I'd mentioned the Denver Modern Quilt Guild's quilting bee - anyone that wanted to particpate pulled together a box of fabrics and an inspiration quilt/guidelines.  The boxes are swapped at the monthly meeting: participants work on a couple of squares for each of the different quilts. 

I received my second box of fabric and accompanying guidelines at the last meeting.  This box is from Katie P.  Her guidelines were the Fresh Lemon Modern Quilts Blog, Summer Sampler Series

The majority of the squares in this series are paper pieced.  I'd previously had the chance to take a paper piecing class and then tested those skills on the Farmer's Wife quilt, which, ahem, is sadly neglected right now :(  If you haven't had the opportunity to take a class, or are in need of a refresher, the paper piecing guidelines on the Fresh Lemons site are wonderfully clear.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Katie's guidelines and the squares from Rosalynn

It was interesting to see the squares that the previous participant had created (pictured above).  I am wondering if the first squares in each box will set the tone for the rest of the quilt... I guess I'll see at the quilt guild next week. :)
Ooh, if you are local, consider popping in and checking out the guild next Tuesday evening.  It's a welcoming and informal group who meet at Treelotta fabric store on Broadway, in Denver.  (And if you can't make the meet, I recommend checking out the store :) 

I digress :) 

The fabric that Katie had provided was a selection from Happy Mochi Yum Yum, together with some complementary batiks.  Nice bright colours:

 Mochi Mochi yum yum fabrics

Here are the squares that I created:

Squares made for Katie's quilt

And here's the 4 squares together:

Mine and Rosalynn's squares

On a completely different note, the Bertie's (hospice) Blankets are coming together nicely.  There's a good number of squares for both the sock yarn blankets and the aran blanket now.  Thank you :)  We aren't quite there yet, but that didn't stop me from playing with potential layouts.  I've posted the progress over on the Bertie's Blanket blog.

Wishing you a great week.
Sam xxx


Kepanie said...

OMGosh, those quilt squares are beautiful! I wish I could beside you and learn. The little miss is very cute and such a darling.

Sam said...

That would be soo much fun! xxx

StarSpry said...

Great squares, Sam! I think I have her box next, and I'm a little nervous :) What an adorable helper you have!