Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get crafty to help the hospice

Hello my dear crafty Friends,

I received the following article from my mum this morning:  Trinity hospice is in need of blankets to bring comfort and warmth to the folks that they are caring for.  This is where my Dad was looked after in his final days, and I can tell you wholeheartedly that these blankets do make a difference and are thoroughly appreciated.  The only requirement is that the blankets need to be machine washable. 

I would like to put together 3 blankets for Trinity Hospice.  Would you be willing to contribute a square, or 2, to this very worthwhile cause?

I've suggested patterns and colours below for folks looking for guidance.  But I'll take any square that you would be willing to donate.  Thank you.

Option 1:  Afghan Sampler Blanket
  • Knit using afghan/worsted weight yarn
  • US8 needles
  • Final square to measure 9" x 9"
  • Use a stitch pattern of your choosing, or if you'd like to follow a published pattern, please check out this Lion Brand sampler blanket pattern L0563 (you can login to the site for free)
  • A great way to use those 40-60% off vouchers at the big box yarn stores... and looking at the pattern it looks like you can get 2 squares out of one skein of a lion brand ball of yarn
  • Since Trinity Hospice is located in a coastal town, lets use the colours of the sea on this one (throw in some white for the 'surf' and this would be a really soothing colour scheme of shades of blue and white):
Image courtesey of design seeds:

Option 2:  Scrappy Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Do you have lots of leftover scraps of sock yarn.  A lot of this stuff is machine washable!  Let's put it to good use with this really simple pattern: Kraft-Tanken-Patches (free Ravelry download)
  • The squares are 15cm x 15 cm (6" x 6") and are a simple knit on the diagonal
  • The pattern recommends a US1-3 needle, depending upon gauge
  • As for colour scheme, anything goes - let's send a bright happy rainbow of colours with this one :)
Option 3:  Wonky log cabin Quilt
  • There are some wonderful wonky log cabin quilts out in blogland.  Another great way to put your leftover bits and pieces of fabric to good use. 
  • I'll be making squares that are 9" by 9" out of my fabric scraps
  • My thoughts are to use brights or pastels that are complimented with soothing neutrals like beige and cream
  • Here's a great tutorial for the type of wonky log cabin block that I was thinking about: 
  • The colours are also similar to what I had in mind, with brights + pastels + some cream/neutral (I'll be adding a cream border to each of the 9"x9" wonky squares that you send me, so that this will help tie them altogether into one coordinated blanket)
I can't tell you how much this means to me.  I've been thinking about doing something like this since the day Dad was admitted.  Could this be the beginning of Bertie's Blankets?  :)  I'm glad that this article gave me the push, and the wonderful response I got from my fb knitter friends spurred me on.  Thank you.
I'll collect the squares and assemble them, and then ship to Trinity.

Much love and big hugs,
Sam xxx


jody said...

I'd love to do a square. The idea of someone getting comfort out of something I made is so motivating.

You say it needs to be machine washable, so something like a Wool Ease would be acceptable?

Sam said...

Wool ease would be perfect. Thank you so much Jody x

Kepanie said...

What a wonderful charity to donate to. I'm not sure if I can this time around but I look forward to further posts on what you get and do.

Sam said...

Hey, no worries, I know you are cheering us on :) xxx

Wens said...

Hey Sam - I'd love to sew a wonky log cabin square or two. Sewing's the only thing I can do (I only knit scarves!)

Do you want specific colours? Or just general half cream half colour blocks? Let me know how specific you want them and I'll send some to you asap :)

Andi said...

I am in. I will contact you via email to see what you need.