Saturday, November 03, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was tickled pink to receive a Beautiful Blogger Award from Ginx Craft.  Thank you so much :)

The condition of the award is that you nominate 7 blogs that you enjoy, and share 7 random facts.

Here goes, for 7 lovely blogs:
  1. My Sister's Knitter:  Love socks and shawls?  This is the blog for you.  In addition to great projects there are also links to other fabulous blogs, fun videos and tempting new purchases from Indie dyers.
  2. Short Story Long:  Check out these photos - stunning!  Ooh yes, and she's a wizard with the needles. 
  3. Yarny Days:  Some of the prettiest crochet blankets I have laid my eyes on. 
  4. Knitspiring Odyssey:  Frequently updated, fun and friendly - a blog where you feel like family, or "Ohana"
  5. Oiyi's Crafts:  A talented designer who shares her creations, latest crafty endeavours and links to useful resources
  6. Joli House:  Home of Lily Kate designs, a fabulous and beautiful young designer from my part of the world.  Everything is beautifully photographed and makes me think of 'home'
  7. Savannah Chik Knits, Sews and Cooks:  A very talented knitter who provides details and resource links for her projects.
As for the 7 random facts, here goes:

1.  My husband calls me the 'White Tornado':  Occasionally I get the urge to whip through the house clearing out everything in sight.

2.  Following from #1, I do not like clutter or too much stuff.  But you'd never know that by looking at my yarn and fabric stash.
3.  My favourite colour is red.  Bright happy postbox red.  Although all bright colours make me happy
4.  Being productive also lifts my spirits.  If I'm in a funk, I find nothing picks me up better than feeling like I have accomplished something e.g. clearing out the kitchen.  Erm yes, back to #1 again!
5.  I come from a coastal tourist town called Blackpool.  I love going back and being close to the sea.  I also love that the town is a stone's throw from the country.

6.  Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands.  I spent 5-6 wonderful years living in Amsterdam.
7.  I came to the US on a business trip.  I met my husband and never left :)  He is my best friend.  (Aww :)))

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,


Ginx Craft said...

Love your random facts. Now I'm going to check out your favourite blogs.

Kepanie said...

Mahalo nui loa for nominating me :O)! So sweet of you and it was fun learning about you in this post. Wanna come clean my place?

jody said...

thanks for the nomination! picking 7 blogs will be easy. gotta get to work on the 7 facts...

Andi said...

Thank you for the nomination. I am complete crap at participating in those...sorry. :) But I love reading other people's answers. How selfish am I? Honestly I am a complete bore. heh.
THe white tornado comment nearly made me pee. That is hilarious! Want to come over to my place?
I loved hearing about how you and hubby met. The pic of you two just makes my heart swell.

StarSpry said...

Great post, Sam! You definitely deserve the Beautiful Blogger Award :)

Wendy said...

Some great links! Lovely hearing some facts about you too :)