Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hexagon blanket

I don't have a finished object for you this week. But I do have a knitty work-in-progress: I have been plugging away on the Araucania/Patagonia hexagon blanket.

Pattern: Bobby's Garden Hexagon Blanket
(You can purchase the pattern online, or simply follow the tutorial)

Yarn: The original pattern uses Noro (which gives a fantastic effect). I have used Araucania and Patagonia cotton which has a nice nubby texture and weighty feel to it. Plus I had some left over from another project and was gifted a bunch from my knitty pals (thanks girls :) Oh, and of course I purchased a few skeins.

Needles: Since I'm using a bigger yarn, I'm using bigger needles - US 10.

Modifications: I only cast on 10 stitches for each side -- the hexagons go pretty quickly :)

  • When starting each hexagon, you need to figure out how many sides you will be connecting to adjacent hexagons and how many will be free-standing.
  • Cast on for the free-standing sides first, and then pick up the required stitches on the edges of the adjacent hexagons.
  • I use 3 needles for holding the stitches: 2 sides of the hexagon on each needle.  On each needle I seperate the 2 sides of stitches with a stitch marker.  On the first needle I use a different stitch marker than on needles 2 and 3 - this helps remind me when I've come the the beginning of another round.
  • After casting on I knit in the loose tail end on the second round of stitches (saves weaving it in later).
  • Once I get to the end of each hexagon I weave in the end (so that I'm not left with a bunch of ends to weave in once the knitting is done.
And that's it - it really is a great pattern. I now have 100 hexagons and feel like it is well over 50% there. Unlike the sock yarn version I've been making that could be on the needles for many decades :o)))

Hexagon blanket

Hope you are having a good week
Happy hump day,
Sam xxx


Kim said...

Love it! I can't wait to see it all done :)

StarSpry said...

I love how it looks! You're really moving right along :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sam! How are you? sometimes, when the time let me breathe a little, I jump here to read news about you and your gorgeous projects!
I love this blanket and its colors: it brings joy to the home!
Hope everything is well with you,