Sunday, May 06, 2012

Big Birdie Skirt

A couple of years ago my Sis bought me this fabulous Big Birdie Skirt kit from I'm wishing I'd finished it sooner, because it is lovely and fits perfectly.

Big Birdie Skirt fits perfectly :)

The first year I had a good excuse - it was the year I was pregnant with Naomi.  And then the following year I was convinced I was going to lose all the baby weight and would wait until I was all slimline.  Ahem, er, yes, that hasn't really happened yet.  So rather than delay further, and given that the weather had started to turn warmer again, I pulled out the kit a couple of weeks ago and began working on it.

Big Birdie Skirt

I was a little nervous to begin with - it was too pretty to mess up.  However that wasn't an issue at all because the instructions were extremely clear and easy for a beginner to follow.  I have nothing but great things to say about the kit.  The skirt fabric is this wonderfully soft baby cordruoy.  And I really like that it is fully lined.  I thought the attention to detail on the top band of the lining was a nice touch too.

Big Birdie Skirt - lined

The directions for where to cut each of the pieces is printed straight onto the fabric, and I'm kicking myself  for not tracing this onto paper after I'd cut out all the pieces -- I am super happy with the fit of the skirt and would like to make another one using some of the fabric in my stash.  I might take a stab by tracing round the completed skirt and adding the necessary seam and hem allowances.  Then again, I could always order this beauty (love, love, love this skirt), and make sure that I do the tracing the next time around :)

Hope you had a great weekend,


Kim said...

Super cute!

You did a great job putting that together and the fit looks perfect.

StarSpry said...

Great job, Sam! It's a beautiful skirt and fits you perfectly :)

Andi said...

That skirt is wonderful and look at the fit! Just wonderful!

Yarny Days said...

So so beautiful! You are a professional seamstress now!