Sunday, April 01, 2012

Simple skirt

This weekend I whipped out a simple skirt for Naomi.

New skirt in Denyse Schmidt fabric

I picked up Burda pattern 9502, which stated that it was very easy. And I have this lovely Denyse Schmidt fabric in my stash. It literally took just one evening to pull together, and the pattern truly was as straight forward as the envelope promised. It is simply two tiers of fabric with an elasticated waist.

Skirt collage 2

Naomi loves it and put it through the paces this morning: Running around, dancing, biking, scootering (made up word?), spinning... Seems to work for all her favourite activities. Now she's napping, and it seems to work just fine for that too :)

Skirt collage 1

It's gorgeous here so I'm going to take advantage of the good weather and sit outside for a while. Hope you are having a great weekend.


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StarSpry said...

Very cute skirt and Naomi makes a perfect model :)