Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catch up

Hi, Lots been going on here and so I've been away from the blog. Time to provide an update on the crafty stuff...

First, I have caught the quilting bug. On Bea's blog I saw Sherbet Pips and became fixated on the fabric. Little girls, puppy dogs, knitted scarves are all in the designs - of course I "needed" this fabric! ;o) I've made a start, piecing together the quilt top, and will share more about it in a future post.

sherbet pips

I was back in the UK for a couple of weeks. I took my scrappy sock blanket with me, but after the first week ended up working on new projects instead. I'd purchased some Vesper sock leftovers on Ravelry, and started making these cheerful socks out of a random mix of the leftovers. Love how these are turning out.

sock in a tree

Mum and I also picked up some novelty yarn to make these ruffle scarves. I'm not a big novelty yarn fan, but have to admit that I really quite like how they turned out. Other bonus - made each scarf in a matter of hours. (You can make 2 scarves out of one ball of "Loopy" yarn. One scarf was 7 stitches wide. The other, shown here, only 4 stitches wide). So if you need a last minute, fun gift...

skinny pink scarf

While at home I spotted Henry - Henry is a bear that I'd made for my Mum about 10 years ago now. Got me to thinking about a future potential project - little bears made out of cutesy print fabrics. Let's see if that ever comes to fruition! (Too many ideas, and crafty plans, not enough hours in a day to execute!)

Jun 2011 uk trip028

Happy Sunday,


At Home Mommy Knits said...

So many great projects you have going on!! I seem to have lost my crafting energy to summer weather...hopefully it will come back soon :).

StarSpry said...

I love all the projects! That bear is just adorable and the Harry Potter sheep is too cute :)

Kim said...

Love the Shebert Pips fabric--that is going to be adorable!

Those socks look great--I love the way the colors look :)

I am always in awe of how much you can accomplish with your little helper around ;)

**I may have to make myself a Harry Potter sheep--it was so much fun seeing the midnight show, I am glad you could come!

marycatharine said...

You've got so many great things on the go at the moment! Isn't Sherbet Pips great? Have you seen Aneela Hoey's new fabric line Little Apples? I think I love it even more.

Andi said...

Hmm, I may have to agree with you, you do have the cutest helper! :) There is a lot of lovelies going on here. Now those socks- fabulous!

Yarny Days said...

Havent you (and your little helper!) been buzy! Great projects--!