Sunday, June 12, 2011

Estes Wool Market

This weekend is Estes Wool Market in Colorado. Joe, Naomi and I headed up there to check it out. Not that I need any more yarn. Ever. But I figured it would be fun for Naomi to see the animals - she loves animals! (Are you buying that excuse? ;o)

As you can see, she had a great time! There were alpacas, sheep, goats and super soft angora bunny rabbits.

Animal love collage

Oh, and maybe I did find a little yarn ;o) Naomi seemed pretty fond of it too! (This was a great company I hadn't heard of before - Creatively Dyed yarns out of south carolina. I was tempted by soooo very many of her colourways. Check it out!)

Yarn love collage

Hope you are having a great weekend too.


Anonymous said...

Great excuse! ;) My fave two pics are of Naomi and the alpaca (?) staring at each other, and the one of Naomi hugging the yarn - hehe, you've taught her well ;)

Judy said...

Creatively Dyed is often across from Marilyn and I at Stitches. She does have nice yarn. I resisted all yarn. Naomi looks to have had a grand time.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a great weekend!

Luni said...

I think I have a photo of that same bunny. Too bad I didn't have a super-cute baby to pose for me! I thought the market was great, the weather was wonderful, wasn't it? I fell hard for Creatively Dyed, especially the sock yarn.

StarSpry said...

Those are great pictures! I'm glad you guys had fun :) You got some lovely yarn.

marycatharine said...

The Naomi and alpaca staring contest is a fantastic pic! Looks like a fun day out and really is there ever too much yarn?

Andi said...

Naomi looks much like me when I see yarn. Brilliant girl! I am originally from Colorado, Colorado Springs to be exact. So I am ogling the mountains in the background.