Saturday, January 09, 2010

A quick needlework update

I'm late to publicly thank Dany for the lovely gift that she sent over for the little lady. How cute is this - a hand stitched baby bib. It is gorgeous! Thank you Dany, as always you are very sweet and thoughtful xoxo

And on the topic of cross stitch, this Christmas I'd received a cross stitch project from a good friend. It's a 'Princess Palace' that I think will be perfect in the nursery. (Assuming that by the time I'm done, it's still a nursery and not a teen hang out for the little lady! - I'd forgotten how much time it takes to make seemingly small progress on cross stitch projects). But I am loving working on cross stitch again. Aaah too many crafty loves and not enough hours in the day to devote to them!

Last, but far from least, on the needlework update -- go check out Bea's blog. She has a contest posted out there for a gorgeous quilt! (And for those who prefer knitty swag there's an alternate knitty prize). Good stuff.

That's all I have this morning. Have a great weekend!


Bea said...

The cat is so cute. The thing I love about needlework is that it is slow and patient and relaxing. The thing that I dislike about it is that it is so slow to see anything happen. I guess I'm not a patient crafter. Thanks for the linking.

Kim said...

That bib is too cute! I had a couple given to me when I had Diva and they held up all the way through Rage.

The Princess Palace will be darling when it's finished--and if you don't finish it until she's a teen that's okay--you can hang it up in your crafty space, because we all have a princess in us ;) For me cross stitch is all about the process because it takes me way too long to finish stuff.

Anonymous said...

Adorable baby bib!

I like cross stitching but I always manage to be the cloth dirty and then I don't want to continue because I think it will be ruined. Am I downer or what? I'm thinking I need to get a better set up. I'm loving your progress though. I love the tidy rows of stitches. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam! I am happy that you like my bib!
and, what about your castle???? It's gorgeous! But you should have a lot of patience!
The beauty of crss-stitching is this: it is difficult(every distraction makes an error!)but the result gives a big satisfaction!

Have a good time with cross-stitching!

marycatharine said...

The bib is so cute! Cross stitch is so pretty but time consuming - can't wait to see your finished project.