Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bert Bear

Over the Christmas and New Year my dear step daughter Jessica came to stay with us and celebrate the holidays. I'd taught Jessica to knit a couple of years ago, and although she's not been bitten by the bug (darn it ;o) she did offer to make a whimsical toy for her little sister's nursery. Awwwww :)

Here it is - Bert Bear. It's from Donna Wilson's Knitted Odd Bods book. There's a whole host of crazy characters in there that are fun knits. I'm trying to decide which creature is next on the nursery knit list!

Jessica used 6 skeins of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Chunky that I had stashed away and knit this on US 7 needles. It turned out rather large, and I love it! I think she too was tickled with the end result. Here's a pic of her showing it off before we had to say goodbye at the airport. :(

Bert is now all stuffed and sewn up and waiting for his new home in the nursery. I'm making slow and steady progress there... but slow and steady wins the race, right?


Bubblesknits said...

How weird! That's my Mom's name. lol I just asked her if she was moonlighting as a designer.

Oiyi said...

It's huge! But oh so cute. A perfect gift from her big sister.

Bea said...

This is such an excellent gift from one sister to another. So very cute!

Anonymous said...

It's funny! Your little lady will have her bedroom full of very funny "people" (monsters, bears, etc...) :-)
I Love it!

marycatharine said...

It's a great bear! Love the airport FO photo.

StarSpry said...

Bert Bear is adorable! Very sweet of Jessica to make it for her little sister :D