Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Having fun with the nursery

I finally got started on the nursery, and I'm super excited about how this could turn out. The room in question was a spare room that was looking a little ratty and so it was nice to rip out the carpets and replace with wood floors, and to add a splash of colour to the walls.

***Updated to add a picture of how the nursery turned out***


Now I hadn't planned on this being a super girly room. The theme is a little monster's playground (hope I'm not tempting fate here ;o) I was originally thinking neutral colours for the room itself with bright accessories to add some colour and fun. The bright accessories in question are ugly dolls, knit monsters (of which I made Frances, Daphne and Delilah so far) and knitted odd-bods (of which Jessica has made us Bert Bear).

But I guess some trigger went off at the paint store because I now have pale pink walls and a peachy ceiling and skirting boards, window ledge and door frames:

Plus the accessories I've been looking at are super girly too:
- I'm thinking this might be a cute rug - 'cos little monsters need fields of flowers to play in, right?
- And this might be an awesome wall decal - a little tree under which my monsters can get shade
- And then of course I need to find some cool shelves to display all those fun monsters and critters that I'm hoping I'll magically be able to knit between now and not-so-little lady's arrival.
- Ooh yes, and of course Etsy has a whole treasure trove of goodies of which I saw these 3 cute monster pics that I think would work well in the room

Not so sure about curtains yet... if anyone out that can point me to something fun that would work with the very-loose-at-this-point theme, I'd welcome the suggestions.

So on a knitty related note, I have decided to make a blanket for the nursery. I have a pile of rowan 4-ply cotton that needed to be put to good use. I loved the alphabet blanket I'd made a while back, but wanted something brighter like the Barnaby blanket with a fun trim around the edge-- so I'm making a multi-colour alphabet blanket that I'm thinking will work well with the colours in the room. I've set myself a goal to complete 7 squares a week. That way there's a chance of getting it completed before the baby gets here. (Originally it was one square a day, but with late night work meetings and baby classes at the hospital I wasn't always making the one/night... but this way I can play 'catch up' on my nights off.)

More than you ever wanted to know? More links than you ever wanted to click in one blog post? :o)))

Please, please, if you know of any decorations for the nursery that you think would work well with the theme, please let me know. At this point I still have a fairly blank canvas!


Judy said...

I am loving the nursery, especially the ABC rug.

Bubblesknits said...

I love the colors you picked for the walls and trim. Very soothing shade of pink and very feminine.

Oiyi said...

That blanket is going to look amazing! Go go go, you can do it.

Bea said...

Love it so far. Clicked on all the links and I think you've picked out some stuff that will look really wonderful with your theme. Definitely not more then I wanted to know.

Denise said...

oooh I can't wait to see it all come together. I love that rug, the 'monster's will love playing all those pretty flowers ;-)

marycatharine said...

Love! Monsters in a pink playground is the best nursery theme ever. I don't have any suggestions but I'll keep my eye out during my daily Etsy excursions.

StarSpry said...

I love how the nursery is coming along!! The wall decal and monster prints are so adorable and the flower rug would look so cute. Your alphabet blanket is going to be wonderful :)

Kristina Knits said...

Well I don't have any suggestions on curtains, but Lowes makes these AMAZING black out shades that you cut to fit your window and they are awesome for the bright Colorado sun. I would HIGHLY recommend them with whatever curtains you decide to do. You could always make curtains because they'd be super easy to sew if you can't find anything you'd like.

moo said...

Very cute! Perhaps make a few extra hearts and letters and make up pillow blocks. You have a keen sense of color.

Pooch said...

Are you using a pattern for this cute blanket?

Anonymous said...

I think that the nursery is going to be absolutely gorgeous when you are done. I love the monster theme. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I love everything you choose Sam! This nursery will be fantastic! If I know about some more idea I 'll let you know!

Take care!