Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Crafty Goodies

Joe and I have been away celebrating my Birthday this last week - first to Disney in Florida, and then a few days relaxing by the beach. We had a lovely time and I thoroughly enjoyed what turned out to be a birth'week' (vs a birth'day'! :)

In usual fashion I was spoiled rotten with lots of fabulous gifties - a BIG thank you, and much love to friends and family. xoxo

Amongst the birthday goodies were a bunch of crafty gifties:

My Grandma got me these really pretty Cath Kidston sewing accessories -- pin cushion, sewing kit and needle holder. I'm really loving the Cath Kidston designs and was tickled pink with this set. The other thing that made this so special is that it complements the sewing basket that she had put together for me when I first left home for University (what seems like many, many moons ago). I still have, and cherish, that basket today. It's nice to add to it with these beautiful new accessories.

My sis, Jac, sent me this fabulous 'Big Birdie Skirt' sewing kit -- how cute is this! Can't wait to try my hand at it. (First a 101 sewing class at Fancy Tiger methinks). Oh, and if you have a wee one I'd definately recommend checking out their clothkits website as some of the designs for kiddos are too cute for words.

Jac also sent me this resin fishy key chain. I love it! She's been crafting some fun and funky resin jewellry recently and I got to receive some of the spoils. I always love a good hand made gift :) Thanks sis - this is cool!

Mum and Dad sent me some brilliant craft inspiration books - one for polymer clay beads and another for pottery. I enjoyed making the polymer clay stitch markers and now I have some pointers on how to achieve different effects. I'd also been thinking about going back to our local rec center to take some more pottery classes - they have great facilites and a wonderful teacher. I really like the projects in these books and am eager to try my hand with the clay crafts again. Thanks Mum and Dad xoxo.

Lots of wonderful birthday goodies tempting me to keep the crafty bug alive and kicking!

On top of all this, the lovely Dany had also sent me a package with some really pretty Italian yarn, and a pattern she has written for a skull cap. The pattern is really cute and will be perfect for those snowy Colorado winters! Thank you Dany I really appreciate your thoughtfulness :)

All in all another wonderful birthday!


mooncalf said...

What a fantastic collection of birthday gifts - you're so lucky!

Oddly enough I made a Clothkits skirt this weekend that I got for my birthday. I just have to finish the hem and I'll blog it. Looking forward to seeing yours!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad you got to celebrate in Disney and at the beach, how fun! :) Love all of your gifts!

tiennie said...

Fantastic gifts! Happy birthday, birthweek, birthmonth!

Oiyi said...

Happy Birthday! It sounded like you had a blast. You got a lot of great goodies.

Kim said...

I am absolutely green with envy at your Disney trip! I love that place :)

I can't wait to hear more about your birthday week.

Bea said...

Happy Birthday! Those are excellent gifts you've acquired.

Luni said...

Terrific week! What a haul. Happy belated b'day to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam!! I am so happy that you love the wool and the pattern!!

All the gifts you have received are wonderful!I would be really undecided to say what is the one I prefer! ;-)
I hope you will enjoy all of them!!

Have a great, magical and crafty happymonth!! :-)


hyeknitter said...

Happy birthday - those are some great gifts you got:)

peaknits said...

Hey - Happy Birthday!!! Mine is the 17th - we are b-day girls together! I whole-heartedly support birth "week" btw:) What a pile of delightfulgifts! Yay!