Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crafty Twitterings

Some updates on my crafty endeavours (be warned, it's a long rambling one...):

First a long overdue thank-you to Hyeknitter. The lovely Lisa awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award. Talk about making a girl's day!

There are times I wonder why I do the whole blogging thing - whether to continue, or not. Especially with Ravelry and Flickr out there enabling me to share knitty projects with friends, and pics with friends and family. But then I think of the super nice people I've met through blogging and it all seems more than worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who swings by :)

Back to Lisa's blog - if you are unfamiliar with it, I'd recommend that you check it out. She's got some lovely projects posted out there - leftovers vest, Ariann, tree jacket... And a gorgeous pair of Malabrigo socks.

This sock posting was the last little nudge needed for me to run out and splurge on some Malabrigo sock yarn of my own - umm yes, 3 skeins of the yummy stuff.
Side note: Every time I come home with more yarny loot Joe has started doing his best Shirley Bassey impression and singing 'Yarnfinger' (think Goldfinger) - "She loves only yarn.... only yarrnnnnn"! I asked him whether he thought I might have a 'yarn problem' (I've been acquiring it at a ridiculous rate recently). He said it would only be a problem if I didn't like the stuff. Good man!

OK, back to the crafty goodness. A little while ago I'd posted some earrings that I'd made. My blogger friend Dany really seemed to like them, and so I popped some in the mail for her a couple of weeks ago. They arrived the other day, and they are a winner. Result!
I've also been stamping quite a bit. I attend a stamp club every month where we make a couple of items at the club and swap cards we've made at home. Here's a few showings from the last couple of months ('cos I've been a lazy blogger and not posted about them until now... that and I think that most folks that read the blog are coming for knitterly fodder).
Feb stamp club projects (there is candy on each of those St. Patricks day lolly sticks) :
March stamp club projects - that's right there's chocolate in there too!
And I also stamp with my good friend Cheryl (which is always a treat as she makes me the most delicious lunches too!)
The first is a Ghirardelli chocolate box (that's right, more of the sweet stuff!) And the last row of 4, Cheryl made the 2 Easter cards on the right for Joe and I, and his parents. How cute are they!

Whew, bet you are glad that lengthy post is done!
Hope you are having crafty fun too,


Anonymous said...

Sam, I am so happy that you have received this Award!!! I agree: your blog is great!!
I am so happy to have found it in the net :-)

Thanx again for your kind gift: I really, really appreciate it!!! (Your pic is wonderful!)

I am knit-aholic too: now I am working on a new project with a pink wool.I will speak about it soon...

And... wow... what nice stamp!!! I think the card you put in my gift was made by you? That was great! I loved it!
I will explore this new world: I am curious about that!

Have a nice day!!

amanda said...

Wow! You're in the middle of a crafty whirlwind there aren't you!

I am so impressed!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading your blog! I hope you don't ever stop posting! Congrats on the award!

LOVE the necklace and earrings! What a nice gift!

You are so talented making all those great cards! They are sooooooooo much better than ones you can purchase in a store!

You are such a crafty gal! It amazes me that you do all these crafts and you work a 50-60 hour a week stressful job......and you are a great wife, who spends a lot of time with your hubby! You are truly amazing! :)

Luni said...

The "Yarnfinger" story is hilarious. That'd make a good blog name.
I'm amazed by the span of your craftiness--knitting, jewelry, cards. Is there no end? The award was well-deserved.

Oiyi said...

Your stamping is terrific! My sister told me about Stamp Clubs recently. Her friend is really into it and she recently attended a session with her. She made some cute stuff and even sent one to Melody that held chocolate. Ummm....Melody never got to see the chocolate!

StarSpry said...

Congratulations on the Kreativ Blogger Award; you certainly deserve it!

Beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn! The jewelry you made is very cool. I love all the stamping you do :)

tiennie said...

Congratulations on your award! Very deserved! said...

I enjoy seeing your other crafty items:) Congratulations on your award:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the award. You are busy girl! And you can never have too much Malabrigo!

mooncalf said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I followed you back over here. Great blog! I'm following your updates now to keep up with your zillions of crafts and gorgeous photos.

hyeknitter said...

So glad to help you 'discover' the Malabrigo Sock :) I've got two more skeins stashed away, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam. To answer your question about the Annie doll, yes I did make her! :) Thanks for stopping by.

Bubblesknits said...

Now I have "Yarnfinger" stuck in my head. LOL Love it!