Monday, January 28, 2008

You know you've got too many projects on the go when... don't have enough of a certain size of needle to knit them!

It seems that I have a serious bout of startitis at the moment. And I've been convincing myself that they are all 'needed'. Yeah ahem, right.

1. Odessa Hat

As I was bundling up to go to Breckenridge this last weekend I swiped one of Joe's store-bought hats. Joe was in disbelief -- a knitter should own at least one handmade hat. So I cast on for Odessa yesterday. And I even delved into my stash to make good use out of some Rowan Calmer that I'd squirreled away for a rainy day.

Thuja was temporarily placed on a circular needle so that I could use the 6 dpns for this project.

2. Fantastic Flower Hat

3. Dougie Dog Hat & Scarf

A colleague has adopted a little boy and girl and I wanted to make a little something for them. I've had the Lucinda Guy book on my shelves for a while now and this is the perfect excuse to make a couple of the adorable projects in there. I did go out and buy some of the Berroco comfort that I'm subbing for the Rowan yarns -- because it's machine washable and was available in the colors shown in the book (yeah, zero creativity on my part). So before I cast on I'll need to figure out how to adjust the pattern from the dk weight that it calls for to the worsted weight that I bought.

I'm hoping to post some FOs soon....


Anonymous said...

oh but they're only little projects aren't they. Nothing to feel bad about there. It's not like you've cast on 4 sweaters this week - or have you???
I've got the Lucinda book too - well, Lily has. The hat set is really cute but colour work scares the life out of me!

Anonymous said...

Love your hat choices! I LOVE the flower hat! :)

StarSpry said...

I LOVE the Odessa Hat! That's very cool...I may have to try making it :)

The other projects will be so cute for a little boy & girl!

Bea said...

so cute. I love that center hat!

KimT said...

very cool projects! Think I might have to try that Odessa hat.

Terri Lynn said...

Cute, cute, and cuter!!! Lovely start on the Odessa! I have been planning one too!