Sunday, May 01, 2016

Habu Scarf

Its another snowy day in Colorado. That's right, May 1st and we still have snow. It looks pretty out, and when the sun starts to poke through the clouds it will be gorgeous. But I'm really ready for some warmer weather. In the meantime, I'll take advantage of another cosy Sunday indoors.

I have another finish to share - the Habu scarf:

Habu scarf

The yarn is Habu N-80 which consists of 4 strands of merino that are wrapped in a very fine black silk thread. I had selected 3 colors that looked good together and worked them as color blocks (although I think it would have pretty to have alternated the strands of color too). The pattern that I started with was the fringe scarf from Cocoknits... but the fringe was kind of a pain to knit, and so I used the basic instructions for the shape of the scarf and simply omitted the fringe portion of the instructions. It was a good decision - there is enough interest in the yarn itself, and the simpler style feels more elegant.

Habu scarf

As soon as I saw this yarn I knew who I was going to knit this for. And I had fully intended that this would be tucked away in the Christmas gift box for her -- I collect gifts for people throughout the year and store them away in a big ole box until Christmas or birthdays come up. But I am the worst when it comes to patiently waiting to give a gift... so my dear friend received a 'Just Because' gift this weekend! It was a winner :)

Habu N-80

Stay safe and warm today.
In addition to some cosy indoor time, I anticipate there may be some of this!



Sam xxx


Nicky said...

How lovely!! That F.O. turned out to be awesome and your friend is very lucky to have you in her life. That scarf is gorgeous!

And p.s. I can't believe you're still getting so much snow!

Monica said...

You guys had snow and here in Atlanta I was playing a tennis match in what felt like a sauna instead of a court. Love Habu yarns...have some in my stash...looking at me like "will you ever be ready?".

I am sure your friend loved the scarf. It is super nice!

sam said...

Hi Nicky, IVe been here for 15 years and still find it hard to believe it when we get snow this late in the season :) thank you for your kind words xxx

sam said...

Thanks so much, Monica. Aah heat... we are off to Florida this week and will be feeling the sauna effect there too xxx